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Hell’s Addiction – Raise Your Glass

Yes – it’s amazing when you hear a great band rising from the UK! It’s like a huge thumbs up to all the rock bands practising in their dingy bedrooms and an inspiration to keep going. Hell’s Addiction, a rock ‘n’ roll quartet from Leicester, are a fabulous mix of old school riffs, gruff vocals and pure energy. Think Motley Crue meets ACDC meets Motorhead. Pure bliss!

With superbly titled tracks such as ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘Big Bitch’, you can pretty much tell that it’s going to be a good’un all about the fun times. Frontman Ben Sargent has nailed the husky vocals which stand out perfectly against the whining guitar solos and riffs, and although they’re not something new to be introduced to the genre, they definitely sound unique and personal to them.

It’s hard to believe this is the bands debut album. Each song is pounding, energetic and true to their genre. With catchy choruses, like that in ‘Breaking Free’ with it’s mandatory gang shouts,  you’ll find yourself singing along in no time. If this band don’t get huge within the next couple of years, then something is seriously wrong with humanity.

The concoction of 80s hair-metal and British heavy rock is a marriage made in heaven, with the traditional guitar flicks mixed with a more up to date style. This 10-track album is packed with hell raising anthems, each one as good as the one before. It’s one of those albums that would be fantastic to stick on whilst driving up to a festival – getting you excited and in the fun party mood! Even the quieter tracks are full of passion and oomph.

As the album progresses, more influences become pretty evident. There’s a bit of Skid Row and even the classic Guns N Roses-esque sewn in. It’s like this band have just thought of all the good bands and took little snippets from each to make one super awesome band!

If you like rock ‘n’ roll, this is definitely the party starting album for you! For a small band, this is a mind blowing debut and they can only be set for higher things to come.


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