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Avatar continue to impress with Avatar Country

Avatar Country is not your ‘typical’ metal record, in the same way that Avatar are not a ‘typical’ metal band. Avatar Country perfectly captures Avatar’s bizarre look and outlandish stage show and hands it to you in the form of a 10-song album, which is by far one of the most unique and enjoyable metal albums of the last few years.

Avatar Country is a concept album that uses every track to paint a picture of how the citizens of Avatar Country live under their ‘glorious’ king. Avatar fully dive into this idea head first, with opening track ‘Glory To Our King’ sounding somewhat like a national anthem, then around the midway way mark of the album being presented with the somewhat comical yet intriguing interlude track titled ‘The King Speaks’. To see a band dedicate themselves so much to a concept that they create fake speeches, cheering crowds and even a national anthem is outstanding and deserves serious praise. By doing this Avatar ensures their place as one of the most creative and interesting metal bands right now is secure.

However, do not be mistaken thinking Avatar Country is just an interesting concept album, it is also a musically diverse album something that is very rare in the metal genre right now, containing multiple different sounds and styles, that allow Avatar Country to change from heavy tracks with spine-chilling screams and growls ‘King’s Harvest’, to anthemic ballads that will see you singing along at the top of your lungs ‘The King Welcomes You’. By having a sound that changes from song to song, you can never zone out while listening to Avatar Country. This constantly changing style also allows each track to truly stand out on its own and allow listeners to truly appreciate how talented Avatar are as a band, while appreciating how varied metal is a genre at the same time.

Avatar Country is by no means reinventing the wheel or changing the face of metal forever. That is not its goal. Avatar Country is there to be enjoyed and ultimately is that not why music exists. Avatar let you forget about the real world and lets you step foot into Avatar Country, a nation where heavy metal is what matters the most and the bizarre is normal, and I sincerely hope Avatar let us delve further into this country in the near future.

Ben Bailey
Ben Bailey
Young writer who grew up in and around the underground music scene in Birmingham UK, I play pretty much every instrument under the sun and spend every waking second learning more about and getting a bigger name in the music industry

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