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Bent Life ‘Full Skull’ Album Review

Nebraska’s BENT LIFE released their fresh LP ‘Full Skull’ via Fist in the Air Records and 6131 Records earlier this year. Featuring, for the first time in the UK their previously released Self Titled 7” and Full Skull 7”, this brutal long play will with out a doubt establish itself to be one of the best hardcore releases of the year and one that no self-respecting hardcore fan will want to be without.

Speaking of the release Brock said:

“”We’re happy to announce that we are hooking up with 6131 and FITA Records to release both of our 7 inches on an LP exclusively overseas. To all of the pitters around the world, practice slamming in your bedroom, we’ll be in Europe & the UK in 2014.”

The first and title track off of the album Full Skull opens with the screech of feedback followed by the fasted passed clattering drums and scorching guitar riffs. The track immediately comes to life when Andy Vorhee’s vocals come in with a hate fill “You wore me down for long enough”.

Bricks starts with a heavy rolling bass line that is soon joined by chugging guitar. The mean instrumental combo of heavy guitars, bass and drums goes on until the harsh vocals, along with a bounding guitar riff, break through with some mean lyrics in the form of spoken word. Ill Intent / Cut The Rope and Drag are both filled with stomping riffs that keep things moving quickly, with both tracks lined with a great helping of early 90s/late 80s thrash.

Love to Lose changes up the slow hardcore theme that the previous two songs, Unlearn and Tied To The Earth, display so well. A hard bass and guitar line pushing the song along until its thrown into a almost metal breakdown halfway.  Personally this is one of my favorite tracks, and in my opinion has the best breakdown on the record.

Dog Days opens with a very slick bass line with the sound of feedback playing over the top, but it is not slick for very long as the crunching guitars soon join in with the riff and speed the song up. After an intense breakdown, the song fades out to the slick bass riff that was heard at the beginning of the track.

All in all this is a very good hardcore album. Its got a great mix of hard breakdowns, heavy instruments and powerful yet aggressive lyrics. Bent Life will certainly make waves in the hardcore scene with this album.


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