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Between The Lines – To The Wind

Between The Lines are set to release EP To The Wind on July 6th 2018. The EP contains two tracks titled ‘Anywhere But Here’ and ‘To The Wind’.

Opening track ‘Anywhere But Here’ has fast pop-punk guitars and an upbeat feeling  that makes the song fit in perfectly with other pop-punk tracks, that are currently dominating the alternate radio stations up and down the country. The guitar really drives the track forward and helps keep it going ,stopping it becoming dull or tiresome. The only flaw in this track would be the vocals with them being somewhat underwhelming, especially in the opening verse, and although they do improve as the track goes along they do somewhat take away the amazing instrumentals and lyrics that this track contains.

Second track ‘To The Wind‘ takes all that was good with Between The Lines and makes it even better along with improving on vocals. ‘To The Wind’ channels old school punk vibes to make a fully enjoyable song. With a strong intro created by and drum build a outstanding mid section and sublime guitars. ‘To The Wind’ is truly the stand out song on this EP.

Overall this EP is a strong EP and although it by no means is going to revolutionise pop-punk it is a strong EP that joins the recent trend of bands self producing their music as to save costs and also ensure the end product is something they are proud of and has not been tweaked by record labels and alike.

Between The Lines are definitely a band to look out for in the future with face paced guitars and a sound that subverts genre expectations just enough to seem new but not to much to be to out there, I look forward to where this band will be going in the near future.

Ben Bailey
Ben Bailey
Young writer who grew up in and around the underground music scene in Birmingham UK, I play pretty much every instrument under the sun and spend every waking second learning more about and getting a bigger name in the music industry

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