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Punk Rockers Pastoratet release THLM

When listening to Pastoratet’s THLM one thing immediately becomes apparent, how music is able to cross borders and language barriers to connect with listeners.
Haling from Tidaholm/Skövde the members of Pastoratet have all been playing punk music since the 90’s in multiple different projects before Pastoratet formed in 2009. This experience really pays off when listening to this record with each and every track being absolutely sublime, full pf heavy punk rock guitar riffs, face pasted and high energy vocals and driving each and every track forward.

The fact this record is not in English yet is able to still make you want to sing along is truly a outstanding feat one that not many bands are able to achieve. Ultimately this ability to make music break down music barriers makes THLM a unique record that really highlights how special music is and how powerful it is in uniting people from around the world.

In terms of sound Pastoratet have created a album that sounds like if Pennywise and The Sex Pistols love child. Making this record somewhat the perfect merge between old school 70’s punk and the newer late to mid 2000’s punk sound. Due to this THLM is able to capture the spirit of punk rock and will likely become on of your favourite punk records to be released this month.

In summary THLM is a 4 track whirlwind tour of punk rock, showing all the strengths of the genre whilst breaking down language barriers and being fully enjoyable for any punk rock fan.

I personally look forward to what Pastoratet will be doing next in their careers with outstanding technical skill and vast knowledge of the genre due to their prior experience I truly believe the sky is the limit for this band and hope to see them soon replicating the success of other non English speaking bands and capture the attention of the masses, as they sure deserve it.

Ben Bailey
Ben Bailey
Young writer who grew up in and around the underground music scene in Birmingham UK, I play pretty much every instrument under the sun and spend every waking second learning more about and getting a bigger name in the music industry

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