Death By Ki’s ‘The Right of Might’ EP Review

Energetic, pounding and full of talent, Death By Ki’s new EP The Right of Might is truly brilliant.

Opening with ‘Like Oxygen To Fire’, the tone is set for the majority of this album – loud, with vocals that are like Azaelia Banks and Corey Taylor caught in a blender, and an awesome guitar solo every time the tempo changes.

Death By Ki appear to have the abilities and talents of a band that is about a thousand times more famous and rich and known. This brings a dyadic response out in us – yes, that is a truly good thing as it means that they should go far, but, more often than not, without something that identifies this band as a unique article, they will get swept along with the rest of bands currently bobbing about and looking for a break.

The effects used just before the break in ‘The Right of Might’, titular track of the EP; the nicey-niceness of ‘Control (In A World of Free Will)’, by which we mean it is just a bit warmer and easy for a non-grunge person to connect with; and, the differences seen in ‘Tao’, with the chord structure and downbeat nature, compared to the rest of the EP, really should be the way forward.

Lastly, you have ‘Lights Out’, which reminds us of every great Slipknot track we have ever loved. Oddly.

This EP is a great cross-section of the type of music that Death By Ki can produce, and if you can imagine a less-known, and slightly less polished, version of the Foo Fighters, you are probably on the right track. If this is anything to go by, Death By Ki should be a name that is picked up this year.

You can download The Right of Might on iTunes and Amazon now


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