Friday, July 30, 2021

Enforcer release Zenith

As a long time fan of Enforcer I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Sweedish quartet’s new album since there last outing From Beyond in 2015. For those of you who are not familiar with the band, imagine the bastard sons of Di’Anno-era Iron Maiden mixed with the fast-paced face-melting technicality of the first few Metallica and Megadeth albums and you’ll be half way there.

They’re considered part of the ‘New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal’ (NWOTHM) and they’re a throwback to what influenced the aforementioned Metallica etc (just YouTube their insane live DVD Live by Fire). That being said they quickly rose to the top of the heap among their peers, in a scene revival that is essentially a mish-mash of early 80’s Thrash, Trad metal and Glam. After four albums they still manage to somehow keep this formula fresh for each album and leave you wanting more.

Zennith is no exception to the rule as Enforcer knock it out of the park once again. Although this album isn’t the fastest in there catalog it is most definitely their most sonically diverse. The opening track ‘Die For The Devil‘ is the perfect introduction to the bands sound, familiar yet with their own spin, which makes Enforcer stand out from the rest. You’re instantly pulled in by the familiarity but wowed with the way it’s executed. Track two ‘Zenith of The Black Sun’ again, a walk strait down memory lane with a track that would not go a miss on any Dio record. But next and my personal favorite from the album is ‘Searching For You’, this is Enforcer firing on all cylinders, fast and furious with solo’s that that could strip the paint from your bedroom walls, and a chorus that will have you hooked all day. As a fan I could ramble on about the obvious influences and stylistic similarities between them and a myriad of other bands but i will wet you be the judge of that.

Is Zenith the best album to get you into the band? I would have to say no… not to take anything away from it, I just prefer the faster stuff. But is this a brilliant metal album that should be on your stereo right now? ABSOLUTELY. To sum up this album in only a few words is a tough one, but this is for fans of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and all things fast and Thrash. I think this one will be a grower on me for sure, but a absolute beast none the less. Zenith is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

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