Danny Worsnop Goes Blue


Danny Worsnop has a new solo album called Shades of Blue that takes different steps that began with his country infused ‘The Long Road Home’. This time he adds his blues and soul influences into the mix. To be honest, this is a breath of fresh air as the eleven tracks showcase his wide vocal range and compositional abilities across a wholly different backdrop to his ‘normal’ fare. First track,‘Little Did I Know’ provides the clues as to the way he is heading and, let me tell you, it’s very good indeed. It reminds me of a more soulful Buddy Guy on some of his later work. Yes, the chorus is a bit ‘boy band’ but the melodies, vocals and guitar make it high quality soulful blues.

‘Best Bad Habit’ builds on the blues with a horn section and delicious keys and a great and inventive (short) guitar solo. If you want your heart breaking, then there are two blues based, soul centric ballads on here… ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘I’ve Been Down’ will have the tissues out for a valid reason. ‘Heaven Is a Long Way Down’ has lovely guitar and piano as Danny croons through a stunning song. ‘Tell Her’ is a nod toward his last solo outing as the country comes though strongly, particularly in the slide guitar… it’s still a lovely song. If you want the horn, then listen to ‘Keep On Lovin’’ as this is the closest I will get to disco music and still smile… yes, seriously. ‘Edge of Goodbye’, musically at least, could be off Coverdale’s first solo album and the duet is a delight. Final track, ‘Ain’t Feeling Sorry’ is the closest to rock on the album with a catchy riff and melody… it is still blues based and is a cracking song in every sense.

Just remember that Danny has left We Are Harlot off the menu on this high quality slice of blues and Rhythm and Blues (the original and proper R’n’B) and soul. If you park thoughts of heavy rock, open your mind to a man on fire vocally in a different but intriguing genre…because if you do, the rewards are immense.

Danny Worsnop’s Shades of Blue is out via Sumerian Records on 10th May 2019.


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