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False Gods – The Serpent And The Ladder

Monotonous beginning is one of the things uniting False Gods with bands like Sun O))). Some say ‘what’s good for some should be good for all’ but that’s not the case here. Opener ‘The Serpent’ is not what you’d expect from this record. ‘The Serpent’ itself represents occult unity of overloaded chords with slow tunes. Too slow for the song itself, while ‘The Ladder‘ brings the culmination of the record which sounds like wonderful catharsis. Of course it doesn’t really differ from the opening track, but on this way of experimenting, the vocalist of the band, Mike Stack, took the liberty of playing with different tonalities in his voice, turning vocal chords into his meta-noise instrument. This was the reaction that changed the balance of the whole track and made guitar distortion not much than an instrument of creating the sound textures. By the middle of the track the monotonous chords go away and the song itself becomes more interesting. With auditioning of bass-drum rhythms they finally focus on the melodic structure of the composition.

Dan Volohov
Dan Volohov
Dan Volohov began writing musical reviews in school. Was a journalist for Moscow-based "Radio ULTRA" ( from 2016 to 2018 ). At the present moment writes for: Maximum Rocknroll, Punk Globe, Distortion, Peek-A-Boo etc. Made interviews with: Merzbow, Glen Matlock, Rat Scabies, Paul Leary, Jack Endino, Mick Harvey, Brix Smith-Start, Chuck Dukowski, etc.

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