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Future Shock ‘Future Shock’ EP Review

Future Shock is a brand new hard rock project born in the early part of 2011 in London, UK. The stated intent of this band is to reintroduce the power and vitality of the 80s and 90s rock music with a personal touch.

The band have now released their self titled EP, produced by Mel Gabbitas (who has worked with such artists as Fast Eddie Clark, Clive Burr, John Payne, Pete Willis, Dan Baird). The EP was mixed and mastered by Atila Ardanuy (who has worked with Luka and Arnaldo’s metal band Cavalar, Dr.Sin, etc.)

Not Defeated has low elastic shots of bass and sparkling bursts of guitar. Against these, the salivating voice of Luka stumbles out, before a thrilling acid riff takes hold … and then those Ian Gillan style vocals really start to swagger. You can picture the shirt buttons undone to hairy navel. Decorated with irregular, but dazzling, sparks of energy and some corrosive guitar work, this is a consummate slice of classic rock.

Beside Me starts with a sleazy drum that sexily swats out some fat lazy beats. The manly vocals are tobacco stained and smell of day-old whisky. Tarnished, faded and yellow-toothed, this sturdy song is the epitome of Vintage rock. With a ‘flying’ capital V.

Like the other tracks on this recording, Life Goes On starts out moodily. It is always a mouldy, blue day in the world of Future Shock. Wavering guitar chords are pushed back against the limber legs of the denim-scented vocals. The well-seasoned tune is restful – like a smoky room before a big rush. There’s the customary twinkling guitar riff. And a generous chorus that may remind you of something by Bowie on Ziggy Stardust. Yes, it’s that ripe.

Hard Times has a festooning riff that hangs excitingly from the timbers built up by healthy drums and stalwart bass. A pleasant melody is squeezed out by Luka, and passionately supported by the others. A coil of simple guitar-sounds loop out. And then things start moving at a fair old pace. A twinkle here, a flash there. The rattle of tin against tooth. The chorus grabs you and roughly plays with you – you will start to feel like a rag-dog in the teeth of a tiger.

Someday has a riff of deeply gurgling sounds that connect the holes left between the clomp of drums and the drone of the bass. This song has the most ambitious melody of all of them -with some fine vocals to match. A flawless lead guitar creates a crown of pleasure, illuminating the second half of the song.

When Reality Strikes reminds us of the best of Wishbone Ash. Sensational searing guitars, tender vocalisations and immense empathy. This is a measured and emotional outpouring. Unstinting, unhesitating. True love. Carved in rock. Simply stunning.

Future Shock are undeniably groovy. Their recording is purplish, bell-bottomed, cheese-clothed and loon-panted. If you liked Deep Purple – especially the early incarnations – then you are gonna love this. Is there anything new here? No. But for those who have a nose for nostalgia and can still roll with the punches, this is a honeyed cask of pure pleasure. For buffs, addicts and the undefeated.


Future Shock can be found on Facebook here


Neil Mach
Neil Mach
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