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Has Glam Rock risen from the dead? Starbenders have the answer.

Hailing from somewhere deep within the time space continuum, or better known as Atlanta , USA, hauntingly fierce four piece Starbenders are taking the world on a journey through the era’s with their debut album Love Potions out now via independent label, Sumerian Records following their signing with BIJ Records last year.

The band is made up of Kimi Shelter – Vox & Guitar, Aaron Lecesne – Bass, Emily Moon – Drums, Kriss Tokaji – Guitar. Kimi had been working in conjunction with Lady Gaga’s Producer Nico Consantine back in 2014 whom encouraged her to start a band. That was when she found Aaron and the musical chemistry erupted between them, attracting Kriss and Emily to be the final prodigy in this magical quartet. 

LA Weekly have claimed that Starbenders are truly something to watch out for with their unique sound and image. “It’s such a wonderful thing when a new band pops up that is so exciting, so impossible to ignore, that not only do they stand out from the pack, they positively leap out of it and hang off of your ears.” Pretty impressive, right? 

Love Potions is phenomenally unique. Every song is different and wildly unpredictable. Each track is guaranteed to be stuck on repeat in your head for hours. Tracks such as ‘Coming Up Roses’ and ‘Something Aint Right‘ give off a riot grrrl/cherry bomb allure. ‘Getting Harder‘ stands out with heavy punk gang vocals and an indie rock vibe, a luscious mix to appeal to fans of The Horrors and suchlike; then within a moment’s notice we jump a decade ahead into a chorus that ooze authentic vintage glam rock.

Hit single ‘London‘ captures an eerie goth mood before unleashing a heavier 80’s pop-rock style of chorus not too dissimilar to the likes of Roxette. ‘Holy Mother’ is the combination of The Killers style rock with sexually driven supernatural lyrics to please a host of entities, before belting out shrieks and guitar rips to rival 80s icons, Cinderella. Fans of Palaye Royale will be pleased to see vocalist Remington Leith feature on hard hitting track ‘Precious’. Kimi delivers sultry and soft vocals before building up to a thunderstorm with Leith. Similar tracks ‘Never Gonna Die’ and ‘Down & Out’ with heavy bass, slower verse and sublime bursts of hard rock to climax. ‘One of us, ‘Cover Me’, ‘Can’t Cheat Time’ and ‘Push’ have a dreamy, Lana Del Ray vocal style with synth pop/rock vibe and a touch of Fleetwood Mac in all the right places. Perfect party music, perfect hangover music all in one album.

If it’s something vintage and other worldly you’re after… give Love Potions a whirl, just don’t forget your hairspray and silk shirt.

Sophie Wegner
Sophie Wegner
Travelling, headbanging Geordie newbie contributor. Lover of Glam/Sleaze Rock, AOR, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Pop Punk, Horror Rock & Nu Metal. Super friendly, get in touch with me!

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