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Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy

It has been said that this is a band who are known for their ability to develop and grow with each releases, if great Death Metal is what you are after, great Death metal is what you are going to get! Each track on this album is unique, and thus we give you our track by track review of IMMOLATIONs ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’!

Track by Track Review

Kingdom of Conspiracy

Ripples with muscular prowess as it brings forth a myriad of powerful infusions of down-right raw brutality in rhythmic form.  The vocals, hooks and melodic content really severs the jugular with rip roaring abandon. That guitar really works its magic on the aural too!

 Bound to Order

More overwhelming power surges forth and wraps itself around your head in mesmerizing form and what ensues is just a brooding onslaught of sickly and putrid rasping that is crushingly superb! Commanding riffs punch with rapid force and devilishly brutal to boot!

Keep the Silence

Imposing and abrasive the squeak of the vibrant guitar takes hold of the listener. Slow and deliberate it literally invites you with tempting ease as the flurries of beats hit you one by one like a machine gun. This track has a nice texture mixed with aggressive flavour.

God Complex

The building rhythms simply plough through your brain like a tractor on open fertile ground. Battling through the sinewy rhythms that loom meaningfully through a barrage of blast beats that kick you to death.  Vocally huge and imposing with a commanding virtue and possesses a nice slow swagger of rigidity.

 Echoes of Despair

Deliberate and intense this gallops into life and leaves a gnarly path for you to follow. Rampant and repugnant its scathing rhythms will burn and sizzle in extreme measures as it builds to a high frenzy.  Compulsive listening!


Continuing the brutality this track twists and burrows into a murky depth comes up for air and crashes back through thick waves of extreme intensity. Assisted by deep resonating growls of pure hatred it will rip you apart. Fierce riffs will alleviate you of your audial canal and send you into a deep gaping chasm of no return.

The Great Sleep

Shrill and striking guitar opens this track with a plundering beat in hot pursuit and closely followed by a damming vocal that scourges the depths of depravity. With immense conviction this track develops into a monster of driving riffs and immeasurable rhythms that in turn brings a new release for pent up aggression or it just may fuel it – I will bet on the latter!

A spectacle of Lies

The prime issue here is melody that pursues a rich dark gruff vocal bathed in temptuous rhythms of harsh unrelenting power. The brawling intensity continues in a solid guitar riff format that will hit you forcibly in the guts.

Serving Divinity

The presence of more “expected” pleasure as the track swarms viciously around your head and attacks with a deadly sting and is colossal. Drenched in highly invigorating rhythms a plenty the onslaught is dramatic and provocative and delves further into a maelstrom of unadulterated ferocity.

All that awaits us

Voracious and compelling with suffocating rhythms that compel with eager anticipation – I don’t think I have come up for air yet! It is indeed an excellent release to rid yourself of any harbouring maliciousness as it eats away at your vicious anger.

Overall ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ is a strong 10/10. If you are feeling angry when listening to this it may fuel the blood more so, but it also contains therapeutic qualities.  Damming and superb in all its glory from start to finish.  But being a band with over 94,000 likes on Facebook and being on Nuclear Blast Records we did not expect any less than perfection and that is exactly what we got!


Immolations ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ is out via Nuclear Blast Records on 13th May 2013.

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