Jack Green invites you to a Party

Jack Green
Jack Green

If, like me, you first heard of Jack Green on Ritchie Blackmore’s session recordings, then it may surprise you to hear that he was in T-Rex for a year (1973) and played with The Pretty Things too. He did four solo albums, including Humanesque featuring the aforementioned Mr Blackmore before a forced hiatus due to illness. Now he has broken the silence and has released a new album called The Party At The End Of The World in which his T-Rex influences – along with a bit of Elvis Costello and some American touches a la Tom Petty – shine through.

Opening track, ‘100% Alive’ demonstrates this in a totally infectious and irresistible way even if it lasts less than three minutes… this would have topped the charts in the heady pop rock days of the 70s. ‘How Proud You Must Feel’ is more Costello and Petty but demonstrates how Jack can play the guitar in any style. When the horns join in it even pulls soul into the mix. The title track is a slower soulful tune that is a little lightweight for me but still very listenable. ‘Elvissa’ opens with bossa-nova drums that get you twitching and the guitar playing throughout, but particulary on the solo, lift this to unexpected heights and stays with you. ‘My Mind Says No’ is more T-Rex influences but with an edge and some very entertaining lyrics and another tasty guitar solo that cleverly utilises chords. ‘Magic Man’ is a rapid southern tinged romp that is another irresistible slice of quality pop-rock. My favourite is the pure 70s sounding rock of ‘The Things That I’ve Seen’ with a great beat, riff and even some synth thrown in to capture the feel so well.

With thirteen tracks of high quality, pop infused rock this an album that will always be welcome when it pops up. It is not heavy rock or metal but it is hugely entertaining throughout… welcome back, Jack.

(My iTunes kindly reminded me of Jack’s heavier side as ‘I Call, No Answer’ featuring Mr Blackmore played in before I hit stop… it did illustrate again how adept across the genres Jack has always been.)

Released 3rd February 2020 via Bad Reputation.


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