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Kids in Glass House ‘Peace’

Kids in Glass House, hail from Cardiff, South Wales. The band formed back in 2003 and over the early years gained a lot of support from fellow Welsh bands of the same rock genre. In 2008 they released their debut album Smart Casual, and is one which is a very memorable one, to this day.

Kids In Glass Houses are now back with their new album ‘Peace’, which is full of the usual catchy tunes and unique vocals from Aled Phillips. Their lead single Drive, which was released earlier this summer, showcased what the band are currently moving towards. Drive had a pop style within song that has lots of dance style melodies, while still being filled with rock guitars and the pounding drums from Philip Jenkins.

‘Peace’ has a different sound to Kids In Glass Houses previous offerings, such as Dirt or In Gold Blood. In both the previous efforts, there was a hint of pop, but not the full on effect that is within this album. This isn’t, however, a bad thing for KIGH, it is a really great sound that they have developed and embraced the high energy sound, such as in Set My Body Free (track three), that has a great sing-along chorus and rocking drums, sure to have any old school KIGH fan still hooked.

‘Peace’ as an album, is a great listen, and is good to see how KIGH have progressed, and that they are still capturing their amazing sound within this record. The sheer brilliance of lyrics is at work here, a personal favourite being on track ten, Nightcrawler:

“I’m sleeping in the same clothes, falling into black holes, watching you.”

This is a beautiful and descriptive way to describe the love towards another. Out of the ten tracks that are on ‘Peace’, stand out ones include, Up all Night, which is an excellently descriptive love song portrayed in the lyrics sang out. As well as Black Cloud, and the album’s debut single Drive, which all capture the atmosphere of this album.

The absolutely stunning thing about Kids In Glass Houses songs, is that they sound just as amazing on stage, and listening to ‘Peace’, makes minds wander to the live show and how brilliantly it will be on tour. The elctro-rock combination on Peace is working really well and will have plenty of people dancing along with the tunes.

This is an album which will surprise some, while dragging new fans to their attention. This album is probably the best release of Kids In Glass Houses career, and one which will get them the success they rightly deserve.

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