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Lantern – Below

LANTERN was formed in summer 2007 by Cruciatus, in the eve of Cacodaemon’s death. The line-up changes necessary for Cruciatus’ work to proceed didn’t leave the moniker Cacodaemon rights to exist under even a slightly different sound. Thus LANTERN barged in as a completely new entity, risen from the shambles of an elder beast.lantern

An old friend, namely Necrophilos swore fealty to the group after the very birth of LANTERN, and the recordings of ‘Virgin Taste of Damnation’ took place, with the band exploring its true form as a two-piece, trying their sound during numerous days spent at the rehearsal place. The debut material received very positive feedback and shall be rerecorded for future releases. The good word also inspired LANTERN to participate in “Metal on Metal III: Third Warning of the Storms” compilation with the song ‘Cauldron of Souls’, appearing among some of Finland’s top underground black metal acts.

In mid-2009 the horde returned to the studio to capture 5 new songs that came to form the “Doom-scrawls” sessions, later on captured by Internecion Productions (NZ) to be released on CD, titled as “Subterranean Effulgence”. The lyrical theme journeys unto death and undeath, mysticism of existence and afterlife – and all that is hidden in between. The musical part was by far the best effort by the band – in composition, production and atmosphere.

The bands lyrical entourage is mainly about hell, evil, and death, I don’t know about you but liking black/death metal as I do, this isn’t a bad place start but nothing different, however it works!  The album is already making waves and receiving a lot of interest in the run up to its release in June.

Rites of Descent

The album kicks off with a barrage of heavy rhythms and a nice gnarly growl which is washed down by melodic black metal incorporating some heavy chord work. Great high energy but executed with that bone crushing black flavour.  I can see why people love this – it’s raw and punishingly brutal.


Quite an early Sabbath feel with an urgent voice surrounded by various surging guitars and a suitable amount of melodic swathe. Vocally ambient with driving feverish rhythms that really pulverise with great abandon. A majestic run of riffs really gives the track a nice kick too. Its slow moments are just pumped with fuel ingested depravity.

Entrenching Presences

Moody and encapsulating it immediately sends that welcome chill down the backbone and the gruff superb growls add to the already building crescendos of chaotic power. A frenzied mix of guitars and drums issues forth and offers really heavy textures giving it a profound ambience.

Manifesting Shambolic Aura

Going through the infinite spectrum of scales this track literally swipes everything aside in its bid to get to its climax. Nothing is spared! Vocally huge growled to a distorted array of frenzied rhythms and sonic beats and perhaps not the best track to listen to when one has a headache! Although it may take your mind off the pain.

Demons in my Room

Very interesting title conjuring up all sorts of images of beasties and shit like that! The vocal is spoken rather than sung and sounding as evil as you would expect it to.  Quite an intricate track of layered and textured rhythms that interlock as the vocal becomes more damming and intense. Superb track!


The title track to the album, has copious amounts of intrigue building right from the start.  The heavy riffs plummet giving it that eerie sound of ominous foreboding and then trails off.

From the Ruins

The exact opposite to the last track this is fast, frenzied and down-right brutal. The vocal scathing and raw propels out more evil ferocious growls with a building riffage to back it up and the drumming is immense as it is solid and powerful.

Overall this is a  very subtle album that is varied and gives the listener a good head workout with manic moments of heavy guitar and strong intense vocal growling – that reveals a lot more with every listen.

To be released 25th June 2013 via  Dark Descent Records.


Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
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