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Men on a Mission: Stupid Chief, JC Fenton, Throatpunch City

Another chilly night down at the Cellar Bar, Bracknell! It’s starting to feel like home again. Al Heslop was there waiting to give us another warm welcome as he extends his arms to hold Marcus and I, embracing friendship, loyalty and music. Already the bar and surrounding communal areas seem to have a large number of excited faces, and yes! They are all here for the music! Organized by Creative Control, the local vibe seems to be getting a second wind. Yes!!

Tonight’s line up is a very tasty one as we already know of two of the bands, the anticipation is real.

First up we have those cheeky lads from Stupid Chief, followed by a new band JC Fenton and Throatpunch City heading the bill.

Stupid Chief:

MOM 3-0012These guys are already on our short list and yet again, played an absolutly blinding set. There was, however, something different from them tonight… Almost like they had recharged the batteries or decided to upgrade to a 850w power supply. They smashed it! I would recommend visiting our first article here to catch up on who these guys are and what they can offer your ears! These guys are definitely an act to catch live.

JC Fenton:

A new band from the Berkshire area playing their first ever gig!! One things for sure, they didn’t look like a new band losing their stage virginity. A 4 piece rock-pop indie band that MOM 3-0051have some great melodies and a top notch stage presence really made me feel like I was listening to a reborn Oasis. I could tell that a lot of energy and commitment has been put into JC Fenton’s songs as they had the audience clapping and wishing they knew the words to the chorus. At this time, not much is known about the band as their Facebook page is still under construction but I take my hat off to Alex  (Lead vocals); the lyrics in his songs are second to none and performed with passion and energy. I would definitely recommend you give these guys a listen in the future.

Throatpunch City:

MOM 3-0134A 5 piece band from all over Berkshire and self proclaimed “Rock and or roll” giants of the local scene, these guys should not be over looked. Each member of the band brought high octane energy as the band rocked everyone’s socks off, mixing together insanely clean riffs being topped off with melodically beautiful vocals that are almost on par with Matthew Bellamy, and then, on occasion, screaming the roof off. I find there is a nice mix of influence from Placebo to Radiohead and even small hints of Rage Against The Machine. They have an experienced attitude and stage presence that will leave you wanting more. I would recommend you visit their Facebook and check out the free music on offer!

Next on our list are Throatpunch City; could they be the next big thing? Go on over to Facebook and have a look at these bands and hopefully team RAM will see you about in local venues so you can give us your opinions on who you did, and didn’t like!

Adam Hemmings  Marcus Wheeler  \m/

Adam Hemmings
Adam Hemmings
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