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Review: Act of Defiance – Birth and the Burial

From the off Act of Defiance hit the ground running with an all-out frenzied attack that just keeps on giving!

Vocally strong and grazing with some solid chunks of rhythm and mayhem in the form of ‘Thrash’ with some epic encounters from the frets. Perpetually in motion and in tune with its huge rousing aggression that forcibly takes the ears to metal heaven.

Impossible to keep the head still as it slices through its paces and cuts deep into thrusting intensity. The tracks are muscular and forthright, instantly gripping and enthralling, with a seething pulse of sonic energy.

Act of DefianceThe twists are slightly unpredictable as in not all thrash but plum for epic and irresistible guitar that is unrelenting and steadfast. The drumming is solid and perfectly battered!!

The tracks rage with potency and boisterous imagination that engage and draw you into an emotional flood of brutishness that cannot be ignored or denied.

The virulent nature of the album is sculpted by an eager weave of powerful musicians who really know what direction their career path is taking.

‘Refrain and re-fracture’ is quite subtle to a point and boasts a dual vocal that is stimulating and engaging with superb melodies attached to it.

The next track ‘Dead Stare’ is totally removed from the previous track in that subtle isn’t a word I would use to describe it as this one is in your face, up close and personal not to mention virulently riveting.

Most of the tracks on the album lean toward a malicious perspective but no complaints here, as there is a lot to get your ears around and your head moving to with plenty of diverse avenues to explore. To be perfectly honest – it is Shred Heaven!

‘Poison Dream’ is like something that can be heard on an old horror movie but unfolds into an epic drama that leaves its beginning behind very quickly, turning malevolent and radiating its own darkness.

The bass also plays its role superbly well, adding a lingering ambiance that luminates the tracks with the vocals blending perfectly into the complimentary grooves.

This is a pulverizing album that embraces its genre and exploits it to the outer limits!

It may not be the most unique album of all time, but all the components are there in order for the listener to revel in its finely tuned energy and dynamic magnetism from bruising vocals to jaw-dropping ‘shred’ moments – the addiction needs to be fed and be fed – it will!

Act of Defiance Birth and the Burial is to be released 21st August 2015 via Metal Blade.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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