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Interview: Knock-Out Kaine at Bloodstock 2015

There are more stages at Bloodstock than you probably realised: Of course you have the Ronnie James Dio stage, Sophie Lancaster stage and New Blood stage. There’s also a VIP stage for posh folk and a Jagermeister stage. Yes, that orange bar serving a certain Austrian herbal liquor also hosts several bands each year.

One of the bands playing on Saturday this year were none other than rock n’ rollers Knock-Out Kaine. We caught up with vocalist Dean Foxx and drummer Danny Krash to talk about losing their Bloodstock cherry, the ‘retro’ sound and getting Bruce Dickinson in their video.


So how are you enjoying the festival so far?

Dean: Well I’ve only just got here, I’ve just popped my Bloodstock cherry!

Danny: Me and Lee[Bryne, bassist]were here last night.

Dean: They’re all hanging, from drinking copious amounts, and I seem to be the freshest one. Although it’s too hot here, I’m sweating like a spit-roast!

Is this a good festival for Knock-Out Kaine to perform at, being a fairly new band?

Dean: Things have been on the up-and-up for us in the past seven years. It would seem we’ve had a lot of luck. The right moves have been made at the right times. So getting to play a major festival is always a feather in the cap. We’ve had a really good festival season this year. We’ve done loads and loads, this is our last this year. So  to end it at such a prestigious event is really, really good. The next nearest thing to this was when we played Download. I’ve only been here for an hour and half but it seems like a wonderful set up to me.

Are you going to check out any bands later?

Dean: Yeah, I will. To be honest, I’m so lame I haven’t even looked at this year’s line-up! The only one I REALLY want to see is Rob Zombie tomorrow night [Sunday] ‘cos I’m a massive fan, and a massive fan of White Zombie as well. That’s a must, really. We’re going to wander around and see what catches our attention.


Listen to the whole interview in the video below where we talk about future tour dates, their ‘old school’ sound and also about a cameo from a certain Maiden front-man:

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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