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Live Review: Anti-Flag, at The Bowery District, Reading

Criminal with protection of the law!”

The first words to come from Anti-Flag! Already I am reminded of just how awesome this band are, and the fun to be had at a Punk Rock show! The crowd already singing to every word, a very nostalgic night for some.

Anti-Flag sometimes dubbed as ‘Anarcho-punk’, meaning they are an authenric punk band that promote anarchist lyrical content. This tittle also applied to authentic bands from the early days. Whilst not around in the integral 70’s, the band began life in the late 80’s, and it was the late 90’s that they made their first releases.

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Personally, it’s nice to step out of the serious metal world for a second and enjoy some upbeat music that you can really dance to! My dance move of choice being: skanking. Lot’s of people are jumping around, with their hands in the air. (Without sounding like I live under a heavy metal rock) It’s also great to see people in punk attire. There is a guy wearing red and black strip trousers, with a massive green mohawk!

My notes read “Yes!!! A crowd surfer! In punk it lives on!”. I had been noticing less crowd surfers at venues these days. Crowd surfing feels, almost like it should be a right of passage. I hope it lives on, it’s apart of this culture.

Chris #2 tells us a story about Justin smashing his pinky but continuing to play guitar with it, to which everyone raises a pinky in respect. Justin talks about seeing lots of people in the crowd respecting each other. This fuels the crowd, and we see a circle pit emerge in this dainty venue.

“SHOULD I STAY, OR SHOULD I GO” sings Chris #2, as Anti-Flag play one of the best live cover of The Clash, that I have ever witnessed. Fueling the circle pit even more! The best word to describe this gig if simply ‘FUN!’ Everyone is having fun, and it’s all rather carefree, a great break from the day-to-day norm.

Anti-Flag stop to tell us an important message, Chris #2 says: “Punk Rock is not about your hair cut or you leather jacket” he gets everyone to look left and right and snake hands. I look around to see friendships being made. What a fun gig, and great to see some laddies in the mosh pit alongside the guys!


See this live video of Anti-Flag from Sziget Festival. Whilst The Bowery District in Reading is indeed much smaller then any festival stage, this live video captures the passion and spirit of Anti-Flag, as they pay tribute to The Clash:

Check the reviews section for reviews of support acts: The Twin Dracula & Brawlers.

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