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Review: Akasava – Strange Aeons

Akasava released their debut EP Strange Aeons in May, 2015. Featuring Karmazid’s mind blowing and tortured artwork, widely acclaimed among the doom/psych scene, they have been reviewed and feature on popular blogs like Doomed & Stoned, The SludgeLord, and Occult Rock Magazine. Mystical, foggy, atmospheric landscapes will bring you close to the abyss of your mind and hit your soul straight after.

Wild and possessed on stage, they are about to record and release their debut album in 2016, along with a lethal dose of unholy live rituals spreading among the country and beyond!


From the off Akasava have captured a dark and sinister feel to their 6 track EP. ‘Join the Ritual’ – is just a snippet of what is to come but it holds plenty of doomy intrigue!

‘The Deep’ – again conjures up a heartfelt doom laden treat. Although the vocals do sound rather rough and unpolished (even out of tune at times) the riffs swagger with a heavy psych that flirt uncontrollably with delicious stoner atmospherics.

‘Sons of Bastet’ – Notches up a ripe beat that overflows within a stealth of stirring agitation. The vocals sound in keeping with the track and it all blossoms superbly.


‘The Witch is Rising’ – Is rather an imposing track that captures further intrigue, and smothers the senses in a twisted slow rhythm. The vocals sound extremely haunting but further on the track explodes into a violent tirade of madness.

‘Black & White Lady’ – Starts with an amble of decisive beats that entwine around the ears and forge a familiar path of riffs and melodic hues.

‘And die!’ – The organ sounds add to the bands sinister upkeep and maintain haunting space in which the band grow their rich sounds, but again it is just a snippet with which the band taunt and tease their followers.

There are some great moments to be had on this 6 track EP but the great moments are hampered with the shortness of tracks that should be (in my opinion) longer. ‘Sons of Bastet’ is one such track that lasts the course and is indeed a favourite, with it’s up tempo structure and enjoyable riffs, the least favourite track is ‘The Deep’ as the vocals definitely let it down.

The sinister hues are rife throughout the EP and most welcome within the genre, but sadly this EP is not ground breaking and a lot of the sounds are familiar which is disappointing, however the band have an album due out shortly, whereby, they will have a better chance of expressing their doom-laden craft for longer which will go towards helping their cause.

This EP just gives glimpses of what is to come and although not earth shattering the band still deserve a chance to be heard.

Akasava Strange Aeons is to be released spring 2016.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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