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Review: Arroganz Tod & Teufel

Arroganz the Death Metal band from Germany have now released 10-trcak album ‘Tod & Teufel‘ via FDA Rekotz. Here is out track-by-track review:


A strong and intimidating track that protrudes with heavy rhythmic patterns that draws attention to itself with a sonic enterprise. A fresh adventure into the unknown.Aroganz

One Death

Pulverising as it is pleasing, the hard swagger of temperance holds a doom inflamed growl. Most definitely a hook laden track that can boast serious and strenuous rhythms.

Arisen from failure perished as King

With an uplifting bait it literally steels the attention and rampages throughout the width and breadth of its fascinating tumultuous adventure. Primed and ready for attitude!

Tod & Teufel – Death and Devil

The steely gravelly vocal surrounds you swift and with nonsense! Sounding like the devil is up to no good again. The flavours are reinforced with a primal causticity and hit the spot perfectly.

Demons Heart

The essences bristle with a strong presence of evil. Holding an almost seductive power that is well fed and increases with insatiable melodic traits.


Making a slow impression to begin with but then a gripping drama unfolds in stealthy form as it builds steadily. The doomed rhythms are passionate and unyielding.

All Light is a Lie

This track loves to tease and taunt. Boasting a repetitive but compelling hook and meandering riffs that stick to the ears like a leech sucking just as much blood and with just as much potency!

Definitely a sultry and seductive album with plenty of bite!

Black Aura

Devilishly delicious. Carved with an antagonistic nature the track explores an emotional disturbance that gnaws at the imagination. It then turns violently into a whirling dervish of malevolent beats.


Engrossing with flanks and large slabs of demonic metal riffs it suddenly turns into a demon and possesses passion by the bucket load. Its impact leaves the mark of Satan as it binds to the enthralling force of the track.


Creates a harmonic beauty of solid riffery and bass hooks although it is slow to get to the boil having to master its own rugged terrain, but gradually increases with a throaty vocal brawl of madness.

The album, I would say leans more towards doom than death but loving doom that isn’t a big problem at all. There is no getting away from the hearty and enthralling expedition it sends you on through its rugged and harsh landscapes.

There is plenty of stirring and impacting moments to fully engage in and to feel rewarded by. Punctuated by its demonic force of evil it drowns the listener in a thick dense smoke that many will feel very ‘comfortable’ in.

Although there are very few rampaging tracks this album carefully guides you through it with an antagonistic pull of the shirt tails and drenches with its smouldering temptation and impressive imagination. Definitely a sultry and seductive album with plenty of bite!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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