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Review: Atonement Theory – Illumination

The sound of electronics and industrial mixes have always caught my attention for the sheer thrill of feeling the powerful smack it gives out with each new tune that flows through the sound waves. Atonement Theory also have that earth shattering vocal that always brings a smile to my face as it just goes with industrial metal like hand in glove.

‘Illumination’ is brisk and doesn’t stand around in fact it does back flips and merges as being an incredible piece of writing – stomping around and making its presence felt in such a way that is hard to ignore.

‘Ominous Sensation’ flows with a melodic flavour and drives a hard punch of percussion, bass and thrilling riffs. Of course thanks to Jay’s beastly vocals there is that added bliss that captures the moment perfectly! Together this band work well and have produced a well thought out 4 track EP although I wish it could be more.

‘Sink (The Abyss of Dwellings)’ wastes no time in interacting with the ears and playing with the mind in this drum ridden piece of musical madness. The keyboards also fill me full of enthusiasm and have me turning it up another notch to get the full feeling – although it is not as industrial as it could be but still a very interesting track with solid melodies and ambient rhythms.

‘The Hallow Imprint’ really wallops out an amazing sound that is bone crunching and shows a very, untamed spirit. It winds its rhythms around your listening devices like a hungry snake about to eat its prey. The melodic slaps are poignant and in your face. The track carries a brutal flavour of percussion and jangling riffs that peak the ears with interest and then half way through explodes into a solid mass of metal. It bludgeons the ears to within an inch of their lives and swamps with its surround sound that mesmerises with equal qualities.

If 4 tracks can do all this I am wondering what a full album would be like? Sitting in a darkened room, closing your eyes and feeding on such powerful vocals, and keyboards would be a true pleasure, for me anyway! I love it when a band can push you into another world using their talent in music – it carries you into this place where nothing else matters except the sounds that enter into your head are utterly magical!

Atonement Theory’ Illumination is out via I Defy Records on 28th July 2017.

Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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