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Review: Backflip – The Brainstorm Vol. II

Backflip is a hardcore band from Lisbon, Portugal. They play high energetic hardcore songs with sing-a-long choruses, breakdown passages and melodic riffs all based on various influences!

One should never judge a book by the cover as if they do they are going to get their eye wiped! This is some serious metal and Inês Oliveira shows off her talent without even trying, it is there for all to hear, helped along by João Vidigal on bass and vocals. They are a powerful quartet from Portugal, yes that place that always looks tranquil and serene harbours a dark secret in the form of Backflip. The cover is interesting as well as the music so here you have the full package.

‘Burning High’ does what it says on the label and literally burns fiercely with the most terrific harmonies. It wouldn’t hurt (much) to turn up the volume a bit and capture the ferocious melodic gait and metal hardcore raptures – well it might, so be warned this band mean business and are not afraid of smashing your skull against a brick wall in the process!

‘Loyal Opposition’ is fast, furious and a real smack in the mouth sounding almost punk in some ways but don’t complain as it is it catchy as hell! ‘Redemption’ offers and rewards us with the nimble fingers of João Saraiva and together they embrace the track filling the air with the most vicious musical flavours that you just have to savour.

‘Symptoms’ has a slightly different flavour although pretty punchy and alert, no-one could say they are not putting everything into this track and more. It is seething, strong and vibrant not to mention relentlessly lively. The symptoms for this track are quite moreish so don’t be afraid to replay it or turn the sound up further as it gives you that nice tingling feeling. Finally ‘To the Bone’ the bands last track on their 6 track EP showers you with a superb array of riffs and crazed vocal melee. The harmonies are superb and really kick ass. You can feel the vehemence protruding forward as the music is dangerously arousing and bounces with its own individual inspiration.

This EP can literally throw sparks from a hundred feet with ease and never loses its energy through the entire 6 tracks. Its essences are alive and kicking and matched with mischievous riffs that all come from various influences, however, it works well and is exciting and licks the senses – so an all-round great listen, powerful, thrilling, and full of appetite.

Backflip The Brainstorm Vol. II is out 22 June 2017 via Hellxis Records.

Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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