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Review: Black Orchid Empire – Archetype

Black Orchid Empire lure you into this false sense of security, starting off with a very soft take on things that make you think “lame” and then what kicks in is a very haunting rhythm that is purely addictive. The harmonies are tempered and really superb. Black Orchid Empire certainly seem to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve, managing to produce a good solid chugger on ‘God is Awake’ reaping its reward for being catchy. ‘Here’s to you’ offers a very run of the mill track that sounds quite mainstream although the lyrics are heartfelt – magically, it turns everything on its head and opts venomous, goes to show you can’t trust anything in this game. ‘This City’ again sounds quite tame but I am not falling for this again and so sitting back and waiting for the ferocity to kick in – perhaps this is where the band have the last laugh.

Black Orchid Empire‘Rabbit in a Snowstorm’ sounds more like bees in a honeypot. But at only 35 seconds long can’t think why the band have put this on their album as a filler at all. ‘Riches and Rags’ is pretty much the same with their lure of kicking things up a notch but returning to their softer roots, although far too mainstream for me to enjoy fully. Riff of Death’ finally something to really get your teeth into. With a great fast pace and the sound of urgency with a great rhythms pulsing through its veins, it has to be my favourite track.

Speed of Sound’ doesn’t really get off the ground so to speak, staying grounded and quite melancholy. ‘Walking Disaster’ is quite unusual, as it holds some superb vocals and riffs which pique the interest and catchy for its sins! ‘Medicine’ possesses some thunderous riffs, a solid beat and feisty rhythms along with strong harmonies helped along by a meaty chug – perhaps another favourite on the album?  ‘Mountain’ is quite soft in approach and almost dreamy – predictable, if you like. ‘Ended up like this’ drags its feet in a very hap-hazard way and is yet another unnecessary filler.

This slips into far too many strolls and not enough cantors for me, with the odd couple of tracks that go all out to please! Blowing more cold than hot for me.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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