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Review: Broker – Quixota

‘Talk’ is a real vehement track with its mathcore haunting every angle. The deliberating melody is quick to add in an unusual flavour along with the controlling vocal edge that is mean and untamed. ‘Eau De Vie’ has a natural bounce that is quick off the mark and literally screams vengeance for its sins!

‘Quixota’ has a sneaky melody running through its veins that holds plenty of fuelled aggression and possesses an addictive quality. ‘Torso, the Idol’ one cannot help but feel the tongue in cheek vibes reading this title, well Metal heads usually don’t hide their sense of humour especially when writing tracks and it would seem that this one is no exception to the rule! Although it does seem rather flat in comparison to the previous tracks… ‘Yoghurt’ there’s that sense of humour again. This it would appear is a very angular and screechy, it doesn’t sit well on the ears vocally, although the sneaky rhythms do redeem the track somewhat.

‘What the Contestants don’t know’ is another rowdy composition that is irritable and cranky, no other words can describe it, and it is only a filler track of one minute twenty nine seconds. ‘The Grass is always greener in Kreuzberg’ – whether it is or it isn’t I will take the bands word for it. The maniacal vocal rantings are loud and brash accompanied by some superb drumming. Increasing in venomous rancour the track has some good moments that pique with excellent and impressive melody. ‘Miller’ possesses more sneaky little choppy melody but it sounds like the groove is stuck. This slow amble is not a very interesting track for sure and sounds like nobody is enjoying themselves. ‘White’ moves back into its comfort zone pronto. It incites a strange madness that is quite riveting along with a hellish rhythm that douses the flames nicely, although the excitement is somewhat short lived with a vocal that slips into a black hole.

This is a rather strange album that can in one breath excite and at the same time, I am sorry to say bores. The melodies when they strike are the bands redeeming feature, but sometimes vocally it sounds like they are suffering from a devilish hangover as on ‘White’ and ‘Torso, the idol’ is flat and wouldn’t win any prizes for being particularly exciting so it is a real push me pull you of an album!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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