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Review: Blues Pills – Blues Pills

Blues Pills, at first you can never be to sure what to expect. It’s like unwrapping a present at Christmas, all excited to find out what’s inside. I can honestly say Blues Pills are a little piece of heaven rolled up in the form of their first self-titled album. An intense flavour of blues, rock n roll and a little taste of some powerful, soulful vocals add intense freshness to what I would consider a real breath of fresh air.

It is no wonder that this album has already reached #4 in the German Charts! They were also top 20 in the Austrian Chart and charted at #68 in the UK National Album Charts selling 1,561 – 20% of that vinyl. No easy feat considering they aren’t due to fully tour the UK until this Autumn. The band commented, “BAAAM!! Toping the Chaaarts! We are so happy to say our album charted at #4 in Germany. We simply don’t know what to say, words can’t even express how we feel. Thank you for the love and support Germany! We love you back <3”.

Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger added: “I knew they were on to something really big when I first heard Blues Pills back in October 2012. It made me shiver, it was pure magic. The authenticity they’ve got, the power they transport and said magic they create can’t be put in words. It’s pretty much the most beautiful and timeless music – it touches you. We at Nuclear Blast are extremely proud that both the band’s and our hard work has paid off! From here on to the stars – BLUES PILLS ARE HERE TO STAY!”

Blues Pills are an American-Swedish-French band with an added blast from the past. The album keeps you on you’re toes with such a blend of different tracks. I feel like I’m on the set of a Starsky and Hutch TV show. There’s an Incredible blend of powerful vocals, blues solo’s and rocking riffs that I could only compare to being similar styles to such legends as Led Zeplin, Aretha Franklin and a bit of BB King in there too.

blues pillsBlues Pills have definitely captured my attention with their intense mixtures of different styles of music witch works so well. From start to finish this album does not disappoint. First track ‘High Class Woman’ sets the pace at the start, rolling drums and guitar riff kicking in. As the vocals kick off you know you’re getting into some thing good. Then you have ‘Black Smoke’ which starts off mellow, with slow rhythm and mesmerizing lyrics. It soon turns up the tempo with some catchy rhythm and lyrics before slowing the pace again.

The guitars and vocal have such a unique sound that just fits together like a puzzle, this seems to have the whole package. We need more albums like this today. Blues Pills have definitely tapped into a sound that makes them stand out from the crowd and their imagination is something eye catching.

‘Blues Pills‘ was produced by the renowned and respected Don Alsterberg (Graveyard), and the cover art was created by artist Marijke Koger-Dunham. The piece was originally painted in the 60s and never used – so with a slight adaptation to contain the Blues PIlls logo, this kept with the bands authentic, but youthful take on the richness of sixties soul and psychedelia.


Blues Pills ‘Blues Pills’ is out now via Nuclear Blast.

Catch Blues Pills on Tour in the UK! Tickets are on sale now:

10th November 2014 – Bristol – The Exchange
11th November – Birmingham – The Oobleck
12th November – Manchester – Star and Garter
14th November – Milton Keynes – Craufurd Arms
16th November – Glasgow – Audio
18th November – The Dome – London

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