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Review: Burn Damage – Age of Vultures

The anticipation just bubbles under the skin and waits to unleash its fury on the unsuspecting at the beginning of this album. I am almost scared to turn the volume up and with good reason as this booming grating vocal ploughs harshly from the speakers along with a mesmerising drum beat. The melodic swing is highly addictive, and can definitely be described as groove – it’s deep enough to fall into!

‘My Own Game’ is a fast romp of seething metal and accentuates the band’s melodic prowess amid guttural throaty throbs of grizzle.Seventh Seal’ forecasts jabs of rhythms and hefty groove patterns that will rain down on the listener and no umbrella will save you, as the bass hooks and electric riffs come together in allegiance to the groove.

‘Four Little Pigs’ reveals fast paced chugs of metal that suddenly twist and change direction. Being infectious and catchy without a doubt, driven by extreme boisterous flirtation. I love the beginning of ‘Refugee’ with its throbbing sensation of rhythms and powerful riffs. It loves to tease as it magically thrusts everything it has in the face with compelling metal strides and imposes its dangerous lure of madness on the unsuspecting – it is phenomenal.

‘Slaughterhouse of Cowards’ is another track that does battle with the ears, tempting and luring the listener into a potency of imposing contagious rhythms and hearty vocal sensations. ‘Acid Rain’ is an unpredictable track that starts off quite unassuming and then a mighty rhythm interrupts its sparseness. It is still showing a bold stance and highly creative to boot. ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ has a melodious flair running through its mighty core and dazzles with sheer unhinged smouldering and strides of mental madness.

The groove makes all the difference it can make or break a track, and ‘Burn Damage’ has sussed that using groove is like using glue to cement everything together. If the audience has something to move i.e. bang their heads to, it becomes a likeable track if there is nothing to latch on to people forget it quickly! The deeper the groove the better you move, most definitely and the same goes for melodic metal too! There isn’t one track on this album that is duff or incapable of causing a mosh pit to form! The sizzle and frenzy are prevalent, as a result, you get caught up in its imagination and badgering beats!

Burn Damage Age of Vultures is out through Raging Planet Records on 17th January 2017.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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