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Review: Sepulchral – Back from the Dead

Great Dane Records are back with more brutality in the form of Old School Death Metallers Sepulchral who have resurrected a few tracks from the noughties and thrust them into daylight so their eyes burn. The vocals are so low-toned, it is like being in Hell and listening to Satan give a sermon. Internal Decomposition’ is madness brewing a concoction of sheer hate? The frenzied attack on the audial will make you think you have just died and landed in a void. ‘Disembowelment of the Dead’ is another of those thought-provoking tracks that stalk its prey. There’s no escape in this bitter tirade of spewing madness that does, however, contain a good solid rhythm that is extremely excitable.

Vampirus Spectrum’ sounds like it could be all about the bass player, although the vocals from Thierry makes his presence felt with an intensifying and terrifying growl that sends the goose bumps down your spine like shards of splintered glass.

Now a jump back in time on ‘Putrefying Mass (1992)’, the track although with its mighty groove doesn’t seem to have the fullness of sound surrounding it like on the first track, although for its time the way it sounded back then was new and unique so matters little.  

‘Disembowelment of the Dead (1992)’ this track doesn’t have all the embellishments as the newer version and a lot less musical as the vocals are more prominent but none the less scary. ‘Personal Suffering (1992)’ the chugs on this are just so creative and thrilling. For me, the vocals add to that addiction, nothing better than a low toned gruff vocal to make the hair stand on end!

‘Rigor Mortis (1991)’ another grizzly track going further back to 1991. Hard to tell if the vocals are snorting or talking or roaring but they are still magnificent and really get the feeling of pure dread off to a T.Putrefying Mass (1991)’ sounding a bit rough around the edges and not as crisp as the later version but it still escalates its madness with an irresistible imagination.

‘Internal Decomposition (1991)’ this track can still hold its own with not a lot taken away or added into the later version, although, it still kicks ass to a certain degree. Those pig squeals are fantastic and a joy to hear as it unfolds but missing the pig squeals on the later track.

Sepulchral Back from the Dead is out through Great Dane Records on 10th February 2017. 

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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