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Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Get Lost, Find Yourself

What has happened to the music world and so called labels otherwise known as genres!? If you’re like me and enjoy having some sort of categorizing included as a way to check out hundreds of new bands in a quick skim whilst at work, on the train, in a traffic jam and even on the loo…. Then seeing things such as Prog, Post-harcore, Punk, Pop, Death Metal etc are a great way to entertain the best moments to listen to said band. I personally prefer the heavy-screamo / post-hardcore in the evening with some friends and a few cans and then things such as Rock, Metal-core, punk etc in the car with the windows down driving relatively close to the speed limit. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! brings these two worlds of mine together! Enter the term Easy/Pop/Melodic-core!

The album Get Lost, Find Yourself, from the French five piece formed in 2007, mixes heavy riffs with melodic riffs, sing – along summer vocals with brutal low screams and absolutely fantastic and very catchy beats to take you into a new venture within music. The opening track ‘Playing Dead’ starts off making you feel like you’re about the get neck ache with some mega djent style muting that could open a post-hardcore song and then within 10 seconds the track turns happily heavy! The whole song is very easy listening and on the 3rd play through will have you singing out loud!  ‘Pull You Under’ Showcases just how versatile this band is. Every aspect of this song is on every side, corner and space of any spectrum you’ve experienced. Half way through the album; I am already fan and as ‘What Goes Around’ plays I believe I’ve found my new favorite rock anthem! Closing the album is a song that really stands out for this band; ‘Every Moment’ is crisp and produced to epic proportions! The whole song resembles (almost) the band saying thank you and goodbye  to all that have just listened to the album.

So if you like fast paced punk, metal and pop with melodies, harmonies combined with brutality and bounce; Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are the band you should be supporting and rocking out too! My verdict on Get Lost, Find Yourself: Why have you not bought this CD yet? In fact…. Why are you still reading this and not rocking out already? \m/

Adam Hemmings
Adam Hemmings
Point, click, type, repeat.

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