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Review: Civil War – The Last full of Measure

Today a lot of bands sing about battles and battlefields, the enemy, the good guys and nine times out of ten it is sung to the killer roar of heavy metal music and Civil War cannot be the exception to this rule, especially with their name, however, this is superb power metal that really strikes feverishly at the hearts of the weak.

civalwarThe positivity oozes from its bulging veins and victory is in sight. The stuttered and choppy keyboard rhythm paves the way for more victorious spirit, salvation is near with this uncompromising track ‘Deliverance’. ‘Savannah’ holds some strong lyrics as they battle through the nurtured rhythms that refuse to take no for an answer. ‘Tombstone’ has a rather cheeky and humorous tone attached to it – done in a Circus vein before it thunders into a rapturous affair and not one I was expecting!

‘America’ turns to a more serious vein with heavy uplifting surge of tones, but none the less chunky and melodic. ‘A Tale that should never be told’ is bold and shows essences of tangy vocals with spiced rhythms that melt together in utter perfection. ‘Gangs of New York’ doesn’t rest on its Laurels as it smothers the ears with bruising flair and invading hooks. ‘Gladiator’ as expected is a rousing battle of beats and rhythms and sung with vocal contagion.

‘People of the Abyss’ is a chugging, thunderous affair that holds a firm grip on the ears and doesn’t let go not for a second. The large slabs of melodic grandeur dictate the direction it takes and make it a rebel rouser! ‘The last full Measure’ moves to the direction of a haunting organ and sweeps melodically, although the sweet notes are over powered with a rampaging rhythm shortly after and the creative influx of scintillating orchestral tirade dominates with sheer ferocity to its close.

There is no doubt about it Civil War can make a noise, but it isn’t just any old noise, it is one that means business as it scours the depths, soars the heights and everything in between. It’s relentless, brave, and definitely spells a triumphant victory for the band as each track takes down another enemy and notches up another glorious achievement to add to its honesty and domination in the metal stakes.

The goal and indeed destiny has been ear-marked with sounds from this amazing album – the war is won!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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