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Review: Heavy Temple – Chassit

Not only has this EP got a remarkable colourful cover it also possesses some really deep heavy groove to compliment it. It literally does take you to another dimension that truly offers a buoyant flit into an enjoyable adventure. The strides of doom-laden prowess simply resonate a fierce and deviant groove that bolsters the psyche from great heights. ‘Key and Bone’ pulsates with a juddering temptation that promises everything and more besides. It can hardly contain its feisty rhythms matched by a mesmeric beat and radiating more than just a satisfying crunch.

‘Ursa Machina’ takes a bit to get going and rewards with a deep pounding menace that spikes with angular wiriness and increasingly urgent in tone. Its emotions are raw and penetrating conjuring up jagged images and starts off slow in pace but quickens slightly further on with a deliberately seductive vocal be it shrill and combining a thickly textured rhythm, with expanding bass hooks. Much later on but takes on a wild turn as the music burrows feverishly, striking a snarling swipe at the senses like a worm on acid.

‘Pink Glass’ gives the drums a run for their money and attacks like a round of machine gun fire. The bulbous rhythms pound generously and melodically, with a catchiness of their own. The potent grooves and hooks are plentiful and have a firm hold on the audial cavities with resounding effect. The energy exudes with a deep magnetic captivation that piques the attention and is a very enjoyable listen. This track is a whopping eight minutes and fifty three seconds and holds a lot of twists and turns. It gives the bass a time to shine with sinister and alluring appeal.

‘In the Court of the Bastard’ is a sneaky mischievous number with heavy groove and embraces with everything it’s got! The beats are worthy of moving the neck, if you are feeling energetic, however, I feel that with the tempo of this Sabbathesque track you are not going to be able to contain yourself for very long. The rhythms bounce with vigour and the riffs are rife with added spice and potency. A new dimension has been reached and there is no going back. This track reaches some kind of interstellar force that kicks up a solar wind, which will explode into tiny dust particles.

You know what they say “In space no-one can hear you scream!”

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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