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Review: Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

Devil You Know ‘They Bleed Red’ is out now via Nuclear Blast! Here is our track-by-track review:

‘Consume the Dammed’ feisty and raucous the vocal edge leaves its heavy stamp on your mind and slices fiercely at the ears, while the music captures a vibrant intensity.

‘The Way we Die’ has worryingly ravenous rhythms that plough intensely with a dual vocal of clean and low toned heavy, but holds a progressive feel.

‘Your Last Breath’has an ambient flavour attached to its muscular bones and feeding wildly on raw power.

‘Stay of Execution’trespasses along a toxic path of devious intervention. The recumbent rhythms don’t stay that way for long and rise to soaring proportions.

‘Break the Ties’is a hungry little track that breeds heavy swipes of utter surging and bruising intensity, that possesses irrepressible rhythm.

‘Shattered Silence’I can see why the band have named this track so as it languishes in a fireball of nagging grooves and stalks its prey with strong emotive force.

‘Let the pain Take Hold’I am sure this is going to lead me to eat my words, but is a very soft and melodic track that sounds quite out of place on the album, but a nice contrast to the other heavier tracks, Yes it does explore a heavier feel further on but is a very sophisticated track that outlines their diversity.

devil-you-know-press-2015-billboard-650‘Master of None’swiftly moves back into its raucous and melodramatic comfort zone, not that I am complaining at all. It leaves nothing to the imagination it surges with a malevolence that is spiced with devilish rhythms.

‘Searching for The Sun’marks its territory with a hard and heavy stride of raw emotion. Vocally urgent and powerful.

‘How The End Shall Be’is a jagged rhythmic encounter that stalks with alluring consequence and bursts with outstanding essences.

‘Broken by The Cold’ventures into the unknown with some wispy riffs but prowls like a predator. This one holds a slightly doom element that shows its presence amid an epic strenuous vocal.

This band are not just a modern metal band! Injecting progressive, doom and metal core into its veins. It is a gripping adventure that dips in and out of a deeply enriched climate so it can be unpredictable, showing good diversity, not one trip Pony!

Engaging on all levels from clean to the more raucous element, the music draws a skirmish of rhythms to blisteringly fierce and both leave their distinct mark on the senses.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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