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Review: Massacres – Brutus

Freshly formed new guns Massacres have arrived with a hearty appetite for cut-throat riffs, savage vocals and unhinged live performances. Debut EP ‘BRUTUS’ was recorded with producer Jason Wilson (Reuben, The Ghost of a Thousand, You Me At Six, Fight-star) and releases February 5th 2016.

‘One of the Boys’starts with a shouting vocal that is punk orientated but at the same time can boast a metal leaning. The rhythms protrude with impressing efficiency and cut-throat. The vibrant grooves are forthright and antagonistic not to mention very catchy indeed! The predatory rhythms are rounded and really in your face and played to utter perfection.

‘Death Knell’The urgency and energy that emanates from such a track are gripping and inescapable. It is a track that you can engage in and relish on its finer points being the brutal tirade that languishes in the audial canal and is a pleasing requisite. The bass hooks simply bruise with an antagonistic vibe saturating the ears with a pleasing coaxing.

Massacres_Promo_ShotEverything I want to do is Illegal’Great title and apt as it is very true. The guys have done the track proud with a raunchy beat and savage rhythm that hits out with keen attention to detail. The rabid hues are entertaining and enthralling as they play out. Woven into it are some potent lyrics and highly seducing moments no doubt put there for you to savour!

‘To the Victor, The spoils’Justice is served on this track as they hand the platter round and deliver some more amazingly raw rhythmic seduction. It captures a certain appetite that bites whether it’s hungry or not, in all-out mesmerizing fashion. The vocals are coherent and there are no low toned growls however, Dave has got the balance right and produced some scathing lures that will simply make you catch your breath – he must have vocal chords of steel!

This is one of those E.P’s that suck you into their dynamic lair and keep you engaged with brilliant rhythmic sway. It lavishes the ears with addictiveness keeping you focused on the task in hand, as the sounds mould in a particular way and then executed to high levels of riveting voracity.

The thumps are tempered and consistent without being sluggish, while the riffs pulverize with their own fury and magnify the sound to high octane levels. You can feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck as the tracks venomously attack and consume the ears with ravenous intent.

The E.P blossoms into a widening intimidation while simultaneously bearing fruit from some ingenious riffs and savage drum beats, not to mention the spice from some cast iron bass!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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