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Review: Dysentery – Fragments

Formed in 2002, Dysentery was brought together with the intention of forging obscenely brutal death metal. Since the band’s inception, they received great acclaim for their ‘Slaughtered Remnants’ demo [2003], and the infamous Dysentery/Gutrot split ‘Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment’ [2004]. The juggernaut now continues on in the new chapter of their guttural conquest; the 3rd full length ‘Fragments.’ Out July 10th worldwide once again via Comatose Music, the album takes their blend of brutality to a whole new level – a bulldozing attack of blasting, grooving insanity fused with punishing, slamming intensity. With the subtlety of a brick to the face, Dysentery is primed and ready to destroy!

The anticipation grows steadily as the first track ‘Onset’ on this highly charged bulldozer opens up and reveals its sharp dagger like teeth ready to bite with a caustic revenge. As the second track ‘Led to Terminal Ignorance’ spews out a feisty wind tunnelling vocal onslaught can be witnessed and you can literally feel your blood coagulate and twist into knots of sheer and unadulterated pleasure. ‘Paranoid Division’ has a harsher and shriller feel to it, although none the less murderously savage, coaxing the audience with its bony fingers into a monotone haze of ballistic ambiance, it’s enough to make one feel slightly paranoid! ‘Grave Evolution’ is a battering ram of malignance that airs its sinister gait in a badass manner! It is reinforced with un-subtle jabs of rhythmic prowess with a powerful belly of seductive madness not far behind and outlined by a shot gun of pummelling beats. ‘Reflection of Repugnance’ is increasingly enjoyable as the cookie monster comes out to play and once again delivers a heavy blow of ‘stark reality’ to the cranium in this devilishly absorbing track!


“It embraces and at the same time can push you in the opposite direction making it a thrilling listen, because you never know what part of your anatomy is going to be destroyed next!”


‘Invocation of Parallel Bloodlet’ it is every leech for himself in this tempestuous frenzy of utter madness! In fact forget the leeches this track has the potency of causing the listener to do the act themselves and suck their own blood from their veins as it intensifies its humongous levels of imagination on the general public – this should carry a health warning! Neurological Snare’ continuing its blood bath of savagery this track unleashes a further appetite of destruction that flirts dangerously with harmonic and sultry endeavours. Immersed into Misanthropic Dysentery.jpgTurmoilyes I know the feeling all too well! Erupting into a blasting hell of rapaciousness that rains down on the un-weary like acid rain. The tracks rebellious attitude never loses its intensity and grabs like a mechanical digger, squeezing tighter until there is nothing left. ‘Veiled Narcissismlike a hammer blow to the skull this track leaves its vulgar mark and forcibly takes charge of its ever deepening charismatic flanks of metal and sticks them into the audial like a hot knife through butter! Within Descending Skies they will suffer’ matched with a boisterous riff and compelling beats the vocal scourge scathes the depths and in a twisting motion knots it all together in one all-out brawl of feistiness. Voice of Deprivation’ they said it not me, although they were right! The vocal chords are charged with severe caustic acidity and will burn the aural with a scorching voracity in this the bands third from final track on the album. Divinity from the Void’ expands with amazing guttural dexterity, while the harsher tones literally rip you a new one and delve into its familiar territory as the guitars shriek in utter pain and anguish to an angry pulsating beat. Oblivion’ is the final track on this repugnant monster of an album. Is it that time already? Time flies when you are having fun and this is what fun is all about. The brutal slamming of this album has been a great joy to experience.

Track after track has savagely mesmerised, created agitation and anticipation and literally stopped the clock washing away time like a wave on a beach. It is too repugnant to be grand but yet it holds a mysterious magic that has to be explored and truly discovered and each track unlocks the next one to open out a banquet of exciting flavours and rich textures that your ears can’t and won’t ignore.

It embraces and at the same time can push you in the opposite direction making it a thrilling listen, because you never know what part of your anatomy is going to be destroyed next!

Dysentery ‘Fragments’ is to be released 10th July 2015 via Comatose Music.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
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