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Review: Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil

It seems that Tampa Florida is under attack of a demon curse by none other than death metaller’s Six Feet Under who formed in January of 1993 and who have now released their new bludgeoning 10 track album entitled ‘Crypt of the Devil’.

The opening track entitled ‘Gruesome’ explodes into a murderous rampage with dark grizzled, and guttural vocal chords that paralyse the audial, combining an all-out frenzy of guitar riffs that slice with utter abandon through the maelstrom of heavy rhythmic virulence.

The second track with its very descriptive title of ‘Open Coffin Orgy’ is slightly heavier in sound and ploughs through its paces with lingering potency that twists vehemently, and like a poisonous snake will leave its juice embedded in the flesh.

Another very descriptive track entitled ‘Broken Bottle Rape’ sneaks into the limelight and takes centre stage, as the vocal chords are growled menacingly to a choppy rhythm and stabs of brutal guitar riffs that melt in grotesque unison. ‘Break the Cross in Half’ gives the listener their money’s worth as it engages in a deep energetic riff that guides the track to its danger level and strikes savagely.

‘Lost Remains’ entices with a frenzied attack that clouds the landscape with a vicious haze, dissipating and turning into an ever thickening black smokescreen as the track progresses.

‘Slit Wrists’ is another track that dishes out imagery faster than a horror flick! Brace yourselves for the bumpy ride! As the full on assault magically takes on an air of smothering savagery with heaps of attitude.

‘Stab’ lives up to its title and literally does lurch forward with its steely metal blade and slices through the aural working its magic into it like a highly professional masseuse. Bludgeoning the senses it is highly fuelled to deliver a bombshell!

‘The Night Bleeds’ and to make one thing clear this track is no exception as it causes deep cavernous grooves that open up and swallow everything whole. It is a blood bath massacre of heavy rampant rhythms that squeeze tightly and never loosen their grip.

six feet under1‘Compulsion to Brutalize’ shows off a glorious deep bass lick that lavishes with intent to mesmerise and seduce with an exacting fury. Although the colours do look very black and white – deep within the core there is a backwash of vicious red about to explode on the proceedings. This could get very messy indeed!

‘Eternal Darkness’ goes out of its way to tease with an array of snarling vocal renditions and riffing madness. This track literally bathes in the light of its eternal darkness.

Barnes is an absolute monster with vocal chords to match. Bringing the ritualistic savagery to the forefront, the band have pushed boundaries to their limits and produced an all-out snarling bucket of extreme textures that triumph over adversity. It is quick to embed itself in the psyche and work its evil magical spells into your brain leaving it like a road accident.

The tempting guttural secretions are what makes an album sound so deliciously inviting to the trained metal ear, and with the seduction of an alluring heavy riff, ripe bass hooks and a damning beat the band can’t fail to strike their opponents dead in one fell swoop.

These four guys can be labelled with one word and that is ‘Brutal’ the word was made for them and that is where they are, sitting under the umbrella of brutalism with the devil at their side!

Six Feet Under ‘Crypt of the Devil’ is out now via Metal Blade Record.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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