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Review: Gloryful – End of the Night

Track-by-track review of End of the Night by Gloryful.

Dawn of the Raven King – With a death defying seething and a melancoholic rhythm it emerges into a medieval battle of sorts offering the slicing of swords and throws the listener into a state of anticipation at what about is to follow.

This means War – It is only now that you realise that Gloryful are on a powerful mission and can see the picture unfolding. It is very 80’s inspired with power chords along the same vein as Manowar and even Priest using a chant-like vocal to get their message heard.

The Glorriors – Immediately gets the head moving with a range of thunderous guitar and harmonies that mix in everything superbly with resounding quality. The flexible fingers of Adrien and Jens are spectacular!

Gloryful_BandHeart of Evil – Is another track that instantly peaks interest with its melodic rhythm and tempered beats, it’s a slab of excellence and has well and truly planted its seed of addictiveness, although the vocal seems under a bit of pressure as Johnny struggles to reach the top notes, but none the less a great track.

Hail to the King – inescapable madness emerges as a tirade of frets and blast beats rain down on the unsuspected. Manipulating with addictiveness and unfathomable rhythm, it is an epic piece.

For Victory – Could be an early Priest track if it so desired as it holds the same familiar roots, although Gloryful offer an outstanding run on which the listener can fully participate.

End of the Night – Sees the track turn into a medieval feast of sophistication once more and paints a dramatic encounter and expressive in its distinct delivery.

God against Man – Clearly shows the battle emerging as it races against time to prove its worthiness in an energetic performance, containing sprightly riffs and thunderous beats.

On Fire – Offers a scintillating blend of superb guitar chords and magnificent drum beats that collide with powerful and vibrant endeavour. The chorus again epic and forthright resonates extreme catchiness.

Rise of the Sacred Star – gives us a taste of vivaciousness as it bristles with fiery and fearsome riffs that go into overdrive.

Power metal played at its best with wondrous stories attached. It’s a superb album that holds amazing harmonies and death defying riffs! The sound is all-encompassing and wholesome. It’s time to turn the music up higher and engage with the warriors that have bravely gone to war and won the fight!

Released August 26th via Massacre Records.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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