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Review: Negative Thought Process – Methylene Butterfly

New Year’s Destitution Opens with an automated voice telling a very interesting story of alcohol and butt plugs and paints a scene from a bondage movie, and then the vile aggressive melee is thrusted upon the audial like a vat of acid! The Come Down emerges from its smoky plume of callousness sucking the life from its own creation and rampaging with disregard until it finally disappears. Coercive Co-dependency Batters its way through a permanent evil there are no niceties here as it weaves a non- descript ramble through gross rhythms and gnarliness. Masocutter injects a fuzzy and jagged edge of extreme putridity amid a thunderous battering of beats and squally screams, this is messy! Gutter Junkie the scene is set and a high pitched whistle comes over the air waves engulfing with agitation and fuelled aggression. One can almost see the mosh pit forming! Clandestine Cleaver is a dark and ambient journey toward oblivion. It’s sort of one of those ‘look behind you’ moments! SchizoSomniac conjures up an “I can’t sleep, because I am talking to myself moment!” however it is probably due to the loud chaos that is spewing from the speakers on both accounts!

Sewing the Wound delves into a rapacious slaughter building to octane levels quite early on. The incidental noises are particularly riveting and compelling, while the vocal guttural screams are telling their own story! Trauma Bond bubbling through-out its tenacity the track is on a mission to exterminate society as a whole! My Parasite and I am sure we are not talking insects here! Speeds into a murky haze of oblivion and creates its own massacre. Rupture_Rapture sounds just as painful as its title and after head banging to this will no doubt be apparent!

Negative Thought ProcessThe raw aggression on this album is far reaching and will send your head into a spin and it will keep spinning until the demon is exorcized. With the theme of alcoholism and drugs in the spotlight it can only mean grisly, grim and downright horrific which of course it is! Cleverly executed, outlining everything in complete detail. Painting pictures of the truly grotesque and distorted lives of a drug taker but done to equally grotesque and distorted music. It is really powerful, cutting (no pun intended) and edgy!

The track titles speak volumes, the music adds that bit more – this is about as grisly as it gets!

Released September 16th via Hibernacle Records.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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