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Review: Ingested – Architect Of Extinction

Ingested, a Manchester based band who take no prisoners and slaughter your family in front of you before disemboweling you. It’s brutal. It’s death. It#s slammy. It’s hench as f*ck. And its f*cking beastly.

Kicking it off with ‘The Divine Right Of Kings’ which is the track they released before the album was released is a heavy start to album. One of the heaviest I’ve ever heard, with low tuned chuggy as f*ck guitars and unholy gutturals being thrown right in your face. In fact, that’s a pretty big chunk of the album. It’s a mixture of slow, chuggy, hate filled shit and then a fuck tonne of fast, blast beat, death metal and grind like shit. With some eerie as f*ck melodies thrown in there.

After releasing their EP ‘Revered By No One, Feared By All‘ they set their own bar pretty damn fucking high, I mean that EP was quality. And with the release of this new album, they’ve smashed it. Well and truly, this is some quality sh*t right here. This album is absolutely killer. The sound that comes out of it is unbelievable, the guitars are raspy but full and fucking roar. The bass is full and my god the kick drum. Full blast, I could feel my heart crying…with joy.

ingestedThere are quite a few strong messages throughout the album, id say the main theme is power. Not necessarily focusing on politics but power in general, being an absolute fucking monster and destroying the competition and what comes with it; betrayal, violence, slaughter, god like figures and destruction. The lyrics and vocals from the one and only Jason Evans are incredible and I seriously question his humanity with the speed and rhythms he can get out.

And added to Jason are 4 incredible vocalists, ALL IN ONE F*CKING SONG. The featured vocalists are; Julian Kersey of Aegaeon, Taylor Wientjes of The Kennedy Veil, James Schuster of Eighty Thousand Dead/Delusional Parasitises and Alex Teribble of Slaughter To Prevail. They’re some serious heavy gauge beasts, I mean dudes, there.

The Track list goes as such: The Divine Right Of Kings, Narcissistic Apathy, Endless Despondency, The Heirs To Mankind’s Atrocities, I, Despoiler, Penance, A Nightmare Incarnate, Extinction Event, Amongst Vermin, Rotted Eden

The album is available for purchase through Century Records/Siege of Amida.

Mike Bearbury
Mike Bearbury
I'm the beer drinking, metal screaming, photo taking, awkward interviewing guy that loves deathcore and anything heavy ever. Metal has been a huge influence on my life and will continue to be so. I get overly excited about meeting bands I listen to; probably something to do with a childhood dream.

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