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Review: Of Allies – Tempers

Often a band’s first EP comes with plenty still to be desired, creating a basic outline of their sound but seeing big steps of improvement when it comes to creating a full album release. However, Hull alt-rockers Of Allies might just have the whole ‘first EP’ thing down to perfection, as they serve up the masterful and rather stunning ‘Tempers.

With clean vocals and almost grunge-like guitarwork, Of Allies are particularly reminiscent of Breaking Benjamin, and also take influence from the likes of Fightstar and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Through ‘Tempers’ the four-piece create a wonderful sense of contrast across just a five-track EP. Their ability to showcase musical light and shade both across the entire EP and in each individual track – with opener ‘Ghosts’ being a perfect example of this. It sets the tone for the rest of the record, setting up beautifully well-crafted and listenable tracks.

of allies

‘In Screens’ features staccato guitar riffs and a middle section guitar breakdown that builds perfectly to the final chorus. In Stasis is more of a slowed-down affair, with dreamlike, floaty vocals throughout the verses, a counterpart to the former track in more than just the title. Both tracks demonstrate great guitar work and tight drums, combined with capable and soaring vocals.

The production values on the EP are of an impeccable quality, giving a fantastically polished sound that makes it hard to fathom that ‘Tempers’ is their debut release. With closing track ‘Play Dead’ leaving listeners with a hunger for more; if this little taster is anything to go by, Of Allies are certainly a bright prospect in music right now.

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Milly Youngman
Milly Youngman
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