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Review: Perdition – Perdition Deluxe

Perdition ‘Perdition Deluxe’ was released via Imminence Records, May 2015.

From the bleak shores of Lake Erie, comes Perdition, bringing a wall of sonic destruction and superb performance with them. Forged in the fall of 2008, Perdition are a Symphonic Death Metal band that brings a tide of change for metal listeners everywhere. Uplifting piano and keyboard arrangements juxtaposed with edgy modern technical Death Metal style guitar and drum work form the core Perdition’s sound. Having played with internationally famed and signed acts such as Moon spell, The Faceless, Decapitated, Born of Osiris, Abigail Williams, and Carnifex, Perdition are a heavy hitting force of young musicians, ready to cut a swath of carnage through any metal music scene. Find them at and feel the embrace of PERDITION!

With an amazing selection of 15 delicious tracks that last 53 minutes and 31 seconds there is something for every metal head to revel in here. The intro gives us a brief insight into what Perdition are all about which is a cacophony of rapturous death metal – with uplifting keyboard courtesy of Clare who is the only female in the band.


‘Silent God’ is not aptly named as this is anything but silent it is a ravenous wall of noise that destroys! ‘Spectral Deviant (Road to Tim)’ who or wherever Tim is nobody knows, but the track is a malignant adventure that just keeps on giving. ‘Interlude in C’ takes us through a sea of ambient leanings with a beautifully distinguished keyboard arrangement.

The Embrace of Un-Death’ returns to a vehement adventure and resorts to exacting malice! ‘Decadence’ turns to darker and deeper depth to exact its venom on the un-weary listener.

‘By the Grasp of Haunting voices’ sees the keyboard making more of an appearance amid a gutturally active vocal surge. ‘Solace’ gently rains down with striking keys that submit to prominent intrigue and expands more of the bands potential. ‘Pit of Carrion’ as the name suggests this is pit born territory and seethes under the weight of its own notoriety. The beats emerging triumphant!

‘Legions of Hell’ takes on faster tempos wading through a barrage of blast beats and sultry keyboard melodies, offering a sampled voice with haunting chants. ‘Century of the Machine’ broods with malicious contempt that whet’s the appetite and shows off further exploits from the band. ‘Etude in C’ as expected this track gives off an air of maturity and more sombre moments.

‘Walls of Biblicide’ takes a step back into its comfort zone of impacting riffs and caustic rhythms that make way for a mesmerising delivery. ‘Lost Rites’ (2015 Demo) although it reaps mournful riffs it still strokes the ears with some brutality as the deepening gashes burst open revealing a malignant core of temptation. ‘Decadence’ (EDM Remix) is a rather unusual track that hosts some sparse individual noises and samples. The vocals are still evil and seethe unrepentant amid a sobering mood.

Perdition offers some really high powered tracks that are not all fire and brimstone. Within the album it turns its attentions to a more mature nature and gently coaxes the aural with extraordinary keyboard notes that have been sculptured to perfection.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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