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Review: Wicked Inquisition – Wicked Inquisition

Wicked Inquisition are a doom metal band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in 2008 by Nate Towle, the band has found a common middle-ground in doom metal, incorporating a wide variety of influences into a powerful sound, primarily inspired by artists such as Black Sabbath, Budgie, Blue Öyster Cult, and Trouble. At the moment, plans are to continue writing new material for a full length album. With the band’s extended play Silence Thereafter receiving positive reception from small-scale reviewers, the band is eager to continue moving forward by writing, performing, and recording music!

Not as I was expecting – Wicked Inquisition are more fired up than the normal doom laden bands. ‘Black Magik Nacht’ has this fire in its belly that ignites like a match to a flame. The carnivorous chunks of metal are rhythmic and exhilarating. The frets are well explored and executed to the max! One amazing track and a great way to open the album.

‘Crimson Odyssey’ is a precise and slower tempered track, however its poignant message is clear. Sounding a lot like early Sabbath makes it an easy track to wallow and revel in, while the next track ‘Sun Flight’ packs a vicious punch to the gut, putting a spell on the proceedings that lures the un-weary into their lair! With huge sized grooves it makes for a dramatic listen that is irresistible.

‘M.A.D.’ is another rampage of feisty grooves that slow to a doom laden pace and creates a darker and more ambient phase, but none the less heavy. With sneaky bass hooks that lick the ears with devious contempt.

In Shackles’ borders on epidemic levels of groove that forgets it is of the doom genre. ‘Death of Man’ stomps into view with momentous beats and significant fret work! The vocal qualities weave their magic amid a tempestuous wave of sounds.

‘Tomorrow Always Knows’ is a seductive composition that strides boldly with driven, unmerciful rhythmic content. ‘Wicked Inquisition’ the bands title track closes the album and sets it sights on returning to its slow doomed edge grooves that licks the lobes with relish!

This is no ordinary doom band for sure.  It concentrates on producing hard edged, powerful grooves that balance the tracks superbly well that adds in an exciting quality. The nimble fret work is a joy to behold. A lot has gone into these 8 tracks which also contain a lot of remarkable rhythmic prowess that gives the tracks that weighty feel. Every beat and every riff is tailored to melt the ears in such a way that is hard to ignore. It is savage in its own right without being totally damning, painting a very strong picture that is truly inspiring.

The whole album is packed with moments to savour and explore. The band have expanded their doom to new levels and given us a taste of fire and fury that exudes through each track in turn.

Well worth taking the time to listen! Wicked Inquisition Wicked Inquisition  is out 8th May 2015.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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