Review: Strains – Redefined

Genre: Metalcore

‘The Great Disconnect’ is a progressive menagerie of vibrant riffs that expand the mind and disorientate the senses. The vocal scathing is torrential in an outpouring of utter hatred and festers eagerly under the skin waiting to pounce. Its gruesome rhythms know no bounds and continues to pulse through-out the entirety of the track.Strains

13_04′ is a rather grizzly toxic run of malignance as it gains momentum and runs with it. Vocally damming and brutal as real metal core allows. It seethes with a toxic battering that is mesmerising as it is delicious to the point you don’t want it to stop!

‘White Chains’ holds a stark riff that is soon penetrated by brutal rhythms and hits the ground running. It has a raw energy that pulses unmercifully through-out its structure and rich in thick textures that are easy to get caught up in.

‘Infinite’ can boast voracious rhythms and caustic riffs that dig gouges into the flesh upon listening – there is nothing as brutal as this. Acceptance is a crazed outrage that washes over the senses and tramples the audial cavities with utter abandon.

You wouldn’t think that five tracks could leave such a lasting impression but music of this strong calibre is hard to shake off as it implants it malignant virus into your head and works on it so you can’t think straight!

The raw intensity just grows and grows until it leaves its mark and is a great audial predator that knows when to pounce and will shock even the most crazed metal heads out there!

It’s a great rampant E.P that will find its way into blackened hearts everywhere no doubt, providing you enjoy the rawness of metal core, which I know isn’t everyone’s Jack Daniels, but for the ones who do, it is an amazing treat for the ears and goes out of its way to satisfy!

Strains Redefined is out via Famined Records on 29th June 2015.


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