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Review: The Bastard Sons – Smoke

The Bastard Sons are a band you may not heard of but very soon they will be all you hear for the foreseeable future. Their debut album Smoke is available on the 7th of August and features their most recent Itunes Metal Chart No 1 single ‘Release the Hounds’. The five piece band from York takes from many different styles of music and creates something truly original. If you’re looking for an honest, hardworking, eye opening and all round refreshing sound, these guys are your answer.

Smoke is incredibly refined compared to their earlier stuff. Whilst keeping the same vibe, it is clear that they have now put the wagon into 6th gear and are tearing it up! The entire time I listened to the album I was excited with the new but familiar sound, it has the right amount of musical influence and individual input that will make anyone feel nostalgic. From start to end it’s like they have taken from all the best bands from the 90’s all the way to the present and stuck it in the bastard blender to make it their own. I just can’t get enough.

Release The Hounds’ is the latest single and after 1:25 into the track, it is no surprise that it smashed into orbit at the height of Itunes Metal chart. The combined effort from the entire band shines bright with this one, a prime example of working hard pays off. Early June the band released ‘A Lie Is A Lie’, this is what it’s all about. Don’t conform, be heard. That is all. ‘Bottom of the Ladder’ is another track that comes from the heart, it’s fast paced beat and meaningful lyrics will have you on the edge of your seat rocking out! The vocals in this track really show the raw passion in JJ’s ability to get the job done and leave a mark. ‘Cardboard Walls’ stands out the most for me, the lyrics hit home, the energy is real and the emotion takes over. Musically, this is testament to how versatile these fellas really are. Closing the album is ‘Exist-Distance’, and what a way to say See ya laterI can imagine this also being the closing song at a live show, the atmosphere it creates along with the right amount of brain melting, mosh pit inducing, lighter waving epicness is so impressive and dominating that I just vomited.

The Bastard Sons are here, and stay they will. You should get involved, break the mold and join the revolution!

Adam Hemmings
Adam Hemmings
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