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Review: The Bendal Interlude – Reign of the Unblinking Eye

They say it is quality not quantity, don’t they? Well with The Bendal Interlude you get that and more!

I can honestly say that I was filled with excitement at the prospect of listening to these guys again after seeing them perform at the Zanzibar August 2011, as they are such a ‘live’ experience.

bendalInterlude-3315Kicking off this beastly nine tracker is ‘Buckfast For Breakfast’, already played it four times over and probably will a few more times as its rhythms are so thick and extremely comfortable it’s so easy to nestle into and enjoy.

The melodies are still prevalent and play a big part in making the tracks interesting along with a seething heavy vocal that scrapes over the ears, which is superb, if like me you like a heavy vocal and thumping rhythmic prowess.

It is no wonder that the band have been snapped up by Black Bow Records – none at all. This band have got what it takes to go the full distance and more.

The title track ‘The Unblinking Eye’ has that feel of urgency and angst attached to it, so much so you can feel the thud in your stomach as the notes hit along with a melodic catchy rhythm that has your head bouncing to.

‘Efframs Hands’ gives rise to a sizzling bass hooks and tempestuous rhythms that suck you in hook, line and sinker and rips you limb from limb. But this is Bendal Interlude territory after all, which makes it powerfully melodic and forthright!

‘Pint of Bodies’ will rip you a new one! Make no mistake! The devilish strides of metal are brash and appealing and a superb proposition to indulge in the Bendal antics. It cools off toward the end but offers great diversity.

‘Creeks Gigantic’ again uncompromising and fascinating with equal amounts of thunderously potent riffs that show off emotive discord wrapping itself around the lobes.

‘Triumph of Fortitude’ possesses a magnetic encounter of seething beats and edgy riffs, along with harsh melodic content that lure you into the fold.

‘The Block’ is edgy and anxious. Its tendrils reach out and instantly grab with a very persuasive and lingering impression and vocally pleasing, giving out feisty enjoyment.

‘R.I.P’ Introduces the keyboard, lashing out a stoner haze of pure magic that lingers in an endless haze of awesome. It is true once you hear The Bendal Interlude the want for more continues!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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