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Review: The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Soulless Hymns

So. This is a tricky one, but I’m excited to do it. The Last Ten Seconds Of Life. They’ve been around for a while and have only in the last few years, really properly emerged and quite frankly at the perfect time. They’ve nailed their sound perfectly. Their style, is totally unique. It’s an absolute mindf*ck. It’s like deathcore, beatdown, hardcore, groove and punk. I can’t give you a genre to relate it to.

Its funktast-i-crushingly heavy for a start, and vocalist Storm Strope’s vocals are as per usual, (via choke slam) breath taking. His various styles, sounds, techniques and faces of the demon are mind boggling and just make the album (and every other release by the band) so much more rounded.

The lyrics, as we saw from their last album Invivo [Exvivo], are fucking awesome. However there is a totally different feel in this album. It’s so much darker, and angrier; much more hate filled and you can really hear it in comparison!

“Shes the culmination of all abominations, seduces everything she can, manipulates just to win, the saddest excuse I’ve ever seen called a person”.

The Last Ten Seconds of LifeThe absolute venom and malice they spit throughout the album. Sends chills down your spine. The sound is incredible, so well produced. The bass is incredible, you can feel it punching through your chest as though it was being played right in front of you! The clarity of the guitars and the overall mix of the whole thing is spot on! The riffs in this album as well, from previous albums this is a serious step up for the band. The whole thing is a serious step up and I think I’m not alone when I say that their more hardcore/beatdown sound has been perfected, and then all their extra weird bits thats make them TLTSOL, are just as awesome as ever!

The track list is as follows : As The World Turns Over, The Box, North Of Corpus, Meant To Be Free, Guillotine Queen, Pain Is Pleasure, Ballad Of The, Butcher, Sacrifice (The Prince), Changing Forms, Heavy Headed, Junkie, The Dream is Dead.

Personally I recommend; The Box, North Of Corpus, Guillotine Queen, Pain Is Pleasure and The Dream Is Dead.

Available on Density Records and Itunes.

Mike Bearbury
Mike Bearbury
I'm the beer drinking, metal screaming, photo taking, awkward interviewing guy that loves deathcore and anything heavy ever. Metal has been a huge influence on my life and will continue to be so. I get overly excited about meeting bands I listen to; probably something to do with a childhood dream.

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