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Review: Trigon – Fed-Up

The unusual sample at the start of this album is quirky and also quite strange, however, there’s no law that says a band can’t be diverse and in fact, it is welcomed. Talk to Me’ is a thunderous track that possesses a grand melodic soundscape and powerful riffs that infect the whole of your body – while you are head banging your toes are tapping to the rhythms.Addiction’ is a lot darker and more spaced out despite the heavy bass hooks linked to it. The clean singing emerges as passionate and seducing.

Weak Mistake’ has a chunky melodic rhythm attached to it so you never stop moving any part of your body as it succumbs to the rhythm very easily indeed. ‘Jaded’ is what I feel when listening to this track that’s so far the weakest link on the album, although it still holds a rhythm be it slower than on previous tracks, but I have a feeling it will grow on me. ‘Obsessed’ reminds me a lot of Sabbath the early years with its solid doom-laden feel and time signatures so naturally being a Sabbath lover I am instantly enthusiastic about the track, although the vocals are nothing like Ozzy’s. But I can imagine Ozzy singing this, it’s a track that certainly lives up to its title.


‘Apocalypse’ is an ambient dark track that has a cheeky beat and is fiery, imaginative and definitely addictive. The vocals go into overdrive and sound less clean throughout the track. ‘Mother’ is a delicate track with a solid bass hook that runs through it. Turning melancholic with simple riffs holding the deep sadness of remembering one’s Mother. However, it does have a forceful trait and the vocals are passionate and loving. Your Life’ lifts the tempo and beats out more favourable rhythms that weaves superb grooves into its structure.

‘Seven’ is another highly potent track that weaves magic through its core and unveils compelling seduction. ‘Nightmare’ reveals a sample that may fill the kids of Elm Street full of terror as something lurks in the shadows ready to pounce. Could it be the evil riffs of Trigon? More deadly than a Nuclear Explosion as it slings out its venomous poison in the form of catchy rhythms that sucker you into their world. This is one mega track where you can actually feel part of the bigger soundwave so tune in and listen.

Trigon Fed-Up will be self-release 24th March 2017.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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