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Review: Undergang Døden- Læger Alle Sår

Genre: Death Metal

Danish monsters Undergang have been busy de-composing music since 2008! With Death, Insanity, Darkness, and Suffering as the bands themes there is no guessing as to what this album is going to spew forth! You know already, and although I don’t like assuming anything, I think it is safe to say that this album is gonna some metal kick ass!

Doden Læger Alle Sår
The evil depths are reached within a millisecond of pressing play. This track is packed to the brim with a scathing throaty incoherent lure and a dulled beat that smacks of sheer malice.

Seriously heavy and binding in more gargled agitation it shows hints of a demonic yet full-bodied melodic encounter. You can almost see the mosh pit forming!

Kronisk Betændelse I tarmene
Picking up the pace this one steers in a disarray of gnarled beats and grimy rhythms that fester under the skin nicely!

Ad Ligbitum
Offering an inspirational battering of drum beats and an unholy guttural growl straight from the bowels of hell, this has instant likable traits that compel and enthral at the magnitude of fury that engulfs the aural.

Yes aching all over probably due to too much head banging from listening to this. The squally pulsating rhythms are binding and ignite with a bitter flavour. The hearty bass hooks are pretty damned amazing!

Lemlæstelsens Kunst
With a slow paced crawl and guttural secretions feeling they are in a wind tunnel this track definitely has a predatory feel that is unnerving and creepy.

Kogt I Blod
Boiled in Blood Apt name for a death metal band and is just as dark and sinister as its name suggests – incorporated in its heavy structures are a hint of doom but it soon leaves that thought behind as it ignites into one of frenzy and total annihilation.

Undergang Døden-PromoImageGravrust
Another twisting, seething, raucous encounter with incoherent vocals that swamp the audial with impending malice and mayhem. The rhythms come to life (death) further on in the track and bounce with eager enthusiasm.

Continuing with its urgent bold rhythms is Dodsfald just as deadly as its name and the music surrounding it. The rewarding slabs of feisty metal are apparent and very magnetic hence the pull felt when listening.

Det Gor Kun Ondt til du dor
This is a rather evil twist of rhythms that pursue a doom laden feel within its dark claws. You can feel the goose-bumps appear down your spine in a rush of what feels like broken glass.

Well it was safe to assume that this album would kick some metal ass.  It may not be an all-out frenzied affair at times but there’s an awful lot of fuelled aggression contained within its confines that don’t stay confined for very long!

The good thing with this kind of metal is that it is like an injection that goes into the skin and infects, blackening the blood and clouding the mind. It is so easy to get wrapped up in its swathes of surging and strikingly bold encounters.

The guitar at the end of Det Gor Kun Ondt til du dor is jaw dropping as it takes on a ‘life’ or should I say ‘death’ of its own? Among the chaos and disorder and steaming through its paces, it conjures up a mesmerising treat that it seems the band have left until the very end to delight and taunt.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand Danish it matters very little or indeed at all, in a death metal band – just let the music speak for itself!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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