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Review: Unforeseen Prophecy – Burn The Skies

I thought I would start 2015 with some Kentish metal-core for your listening pleasure – Unforeseen Prophecy‘s second EP ‘Burn the Skies’. The band hail form my part of the UK and I have had the pleasure of seeing them live on various occasions.

‘Oblivion’ was the first track that caught my eye when I opened the EP. The opening to the track throws you a nice curve ball of clean-chorused guitar and female vocal before Unforeseen Prophecy crashes into your ears and gives you a taste of what the band are capable of. ‘Oblivion’ weaves in and out using volume to great effect before fading back into the oblivion that it came from.

Unforeseen Prophecy - Burn The Skies‘The Placebo Effect‘ is something that you have to play at an ear splitting volume, preferably in the car so everyone in town can hear it. The rhythm work from the band is definitely some of the tightest rhythm I have heard from a metal-core outfit. The later part of the track feels well punctuated with little breakdowns and arpeggios.

The title track ‘Burn the Skies’ plays with a similar theme as oblivion using both lead vocals to great effect as the duet is something that works well. Another great example of this is Killswitch Engage‘s ‘When Darkness Falls‘ with the Freddy verses, and the Jason verses. The guitars power this track, screaming all the way to the end before the last drum beat brings the track to an end with one final punch.

As Second EP’s go ‘Burn the Skies’ is something worth spending the fifteen minuets to listen to! Unforeseen Prophecy have proved to be a great band in my local scene and I hope they continue to grow in size. My only real problem is that the female vocalist is not credited for the work that she has put in for the band as she helps unforeseen prophecy stand out.

Unforeseen Prophecy release ‘Burn The Skies’ on Monday 5th January 2015 through all digital platforms.

The band are currently gigging around kent if you live local, go catch them live and keep one New Years reoulstion to do more headbanging!

Andrew Dowling
Andrew Dowling
Hello RAMzine Readers, just wanted to tell all of you a little about myself. Music has always been part of me I grew up in house full of rock music, learnt to play the guitar and studied music business at degree.

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