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Reviews: 5Rand – Sacred/Scared

Straight away the intensity is there simmering, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting victim as the climax is brought closer, it is so close now I am forgetting to breathe…‘Erase’ is powerfully consuming but absorbing at the same time. Making a huge impact on the cerebral cortex as female voice Julia really belts out some spine tingling notes along with some punchy rebel rousing riffs that push the boundaries to their limits.

‘Fuck Simile’ is a real fist punching extravaganza with a pounding of blast beats and unrestrained vicious melodic rhythms. ‘Paint of Pain’ crashes into a blitz of unpredictable and thrilling complex rhythms and melodic swagger boosted by tremendous kick beats and strenuous vocal execution.

‘Cordyceps’ is a sweeping melodic dream-like haunting chant that is powerful and sinister. I don’t know about the volume but the heating needs to be turned up as it is sending goose bumps down my spine, however the heat appeared in the sudden explosion of guttural splendidness exerted by Julia whose asbestos lungs know how to hit the spot!

‘Blessed’ literally runs away with itself and rampages constantly in anger mode until Julia sings in the most haunting voice making this an irresistible full on in your face track, with excellent guitar! ‘Preacher of Lies’ spawns the inevitable with its rumbling savagery of all with bruising and head battering causticity. The rhythms are furious and create a hostility while the catchiness allows you to embrace it.

‘Drowning into Insanity’ the madness continues unabated and invades your ear space with vehemence and toxic essences. ‘The True Death Show’ could this get any faster? No doubt it can. The band tease and taunt with their superb blend of manic potency. ‘Narcolepsycho (Silent Scream)’ gives the bass a run for its money and crunches into action with some gnawing rhythms and crazed imagination.

I bet 5Rand go down a storm LIVE! It is a far cry from the romance that Italians are renowned for – but who wants any of that mainstream crap? Give me the extreme end of metal any day of the week. It gives the listener something meaty to chew over and certainly gets the adrenaline pumping, what’s not to love?

Julia has a superb range that will really stand her in good stead – she has real vocal ability together with the schizophrenic rhythms and ominous melodies it is a great combination for complete success!

5Rand Sacred/Scared is out via My Kingdom Music on 24th February 2017.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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