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Reviews: Celestial Bodies – Spit forth from Chaos

If ever you want to experience being in a series of Dr Who all you have to do is listen to opening track ‘The Final Covenant’ where you can also get a good idea of what an exorcism sounds like first hand and if you are really brave you could imagine an exorcism on Dr Who for full effect!

It is the proverbial angry bee in a Jam Jar syndrome, the more you shake it the angrier it becomes. ‘The Nazarene Bastard Cow’ great title, sounds like it is being performed in a blizzard and someone is being savagely attacked! ‘Burning Trident’ sounds like a chainsaw massacre or at very least a blood bath. ‘Destroyer of Aeons’ has upset the Hornet’s nest as it appears they are trying to escape from the speaker with a very angry human rambling incoherently about chaos.

‘Return to the Endless World’ sounds like someone having a shave while listening to a live gig. – Well, it could be, who’s to say? ‘Signs of the Wolf’ sounds nothing like a wolf to me, just some devilish dark voice ranting over the top of some really grating music for no apparent reason. ‘Chaos of Infinity’ focuses on the drummer, a hedge trimmer and a guy with an extremely sore throat!

‘Kingdom of Black Torment’ moves back to the angry bees and now added a few wasps for good measure! ‘No Place to Hide’ sounds like an aeroplane trying to take off in a lavatory, with the usual ramblings of a furious man reflecting on what he thinks of it all. Which isn’t much by the sound of things!

‘Reflections of Ain Soaf’ – this one could be mistaken for a vacuum cleaner and an exorcist maybe trying to rid himself of something hideous that is lurking in a dark corner – it’s anyone’s guess though, but leaves a lot to the adventurous  imagination. ‘Towards Perdition’ sounds along the lines of a Dentist’s drill and a patient objecting to the spoils of what it is about to happen to his mouth.

For very unusual sounds that spark the imagination to life this album is quite clever, but as for listening it is hard on the ears, in fact it will destroy them and has no immediate direction other than to give you a blinding headache, be prepared to take plenty of Anadin beforehand and then it won’t hurt as much!

Celestial Bodies Spit forth from Chaos is out via I Voidhanger Records on 17th March 2017. 

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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